If there is one growing trend we love, it is the winter wedding.  There is something magical and extra romantic about a snowy “white” wedding.  While most weddings are held in warmer weather months, many couples are being drawn to the classic and dignified feel of a winter wedding, and we are too!  Here is why….


Venues and Vendors


DF-Clocktower-Denver_Wedding-Photographer17After the holidays, winter is notoriously slower for venues, and other vendors such as florists.  This is great news for brides because the choices in dates are much more open (no twelve month waiting list!) and many of these suppliers offer better deals and discounts in the slow season.  Luckily, we live in beautiful Colorado with a lot of choices in mountain and city venues perfect for colder weather and indoor entertaining.


Clocktower Events 

Parkside Mansion


Auraria Campus Events (The Tivoli)





It is Different!  


There is something intriguing about a winter wedding that a spring, or summer wedding doesn’t quite capture.  Sparkly snow on the ground, beautiful-winter-wedding-bouquets-54fireplaces lit, and the coziness of celebrating inside with your loved ones seems to uniquely encapsulate what a wedding should be about.  Also, it is more romantic to cuddle close on cold days!

Winter Weddings Do’s and Don’ts 







Elegant Décor 


whitevasecenterpieceWinter decorations hold a warmth and glow, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to winter weddings.  Basics like gold and silver are really the only colors needed for a winter wedding.  Adding touches of flannel plaid, burlap, deep colored, or champagne colored flowers can be nice snug additions.  White Christmas lights, candles, and dimly lit lanterns make party spaces effortlessly romantic.


Warm Food


In colder months our taste buds crave comfort food and a winter wedding can deliver satisfying fare.  For cocktail hour guests could be served hot mini meatballs pastasoups in shot glasses, or delicate spoons with mac & cheese, or mini meatballs.  Main courses are more interactive and “family style” meals work great in the winter, which means, no buffet line!


Winter Wedding Foods

Top Winter Wedding Menu Trends






Drinks are Toasty


donut w coffeeOne of the best things about a winter wedding are the hot drinks to take the chill off cold hands and warm us up for the evening.  We love being handed a cup of hot coco or cider when we walk into a ceremony, or getting offered a spiced coffee with a mini doughnut at the end of meal.

Signature Wedding Drinks: Winter Cocktails 

Hot Cocktails for Cold Nights 



The Most Memorable Favors



Wedding favors in peak wedding season can seem a little humdrum, but with winter’s cold weather HotCocoa1there are so many thoughtful favor ideas to choose from. Throws, or shawls left on chairs at ceremonies, coffee mugs filled with hot chocolate mix or, a variety of herbal teas, and warm fuzzy socks are all useful favors anyone would love to receive!