ABC Cake We have all heard of a baby shower, but breaking through as the newest trend since disposable diapers – “Gender Reveal” parties!  Haven’t heard of such a thing?  Keep reading.  We’ll touch on the traditional and then hit you with the reveal concept.


The most common months to have babies are June, July, August, and September.  This means some of us may be expanding our families very soon, while others of you are planning to assist in what is the biggest event before actually having the baby and naming the baby: the baby shower!




The baby shower has been around since ancient times, with celebrations and rituals surrounding motherhood dating from ancient Egypt through Onsie Decor the Victorian Era.  Today’s modern baby shower came about after World War II during the baby boom.  The boost from young couples buying homes and starting families quickly made the pregnancy subject far less taboo than it had been in years past. Members of the couple’s family and close family friends were invited, but always women only.  Today our guests include everyone from co-workers to male friends and husbands.  Traditionally, a sister or close friend of the mother-to-be hosts a shower.  A shower should be held anywhere between the 28th and 35th weeks of the mom’s pregnancy. This way, the new parents have plenty of time to go through everything and set up the nursery for their new arrival!


Traditional Themes

Classy Safari Baby Shower Most baby showers these days have some kind of theme.  If the baby’s gender is known, it is common to have the colors reflect the gender.  Aside from blue or pink flowers, accent the soiree with diaper pins.  Use them to pin napkins, or party favors in place.  Or think outside the normal “pink or blue” themes and have a colorful whimsical garden theme for a baby girl, or an Old West cowboy theme for a boy; for gender neutral, circus or safari (leave out the overwhelming busy animal print patterns!) themes work well.








Gender Reveal

Becoming even more popular these days are the exciting gender reveal parties. By having the baby’s gender written down and sealed in an Gender Reveal Cake envelope (direct from the doctor’s office) and giving the information to florists and bakeries, parents are finding creative and surprising ways to find out what they are having. These are typically co-ed showers where in most cases, the parents-to-be do not know their baby’s gender (though some parents may know and want to surprise their guests by finding out at the party). After the gifts and food, the baby’s gender can be revealed in a multitude of creative ways.  A large plain sealed box can be filled with pink or blue balloons that the parents open as their last gift of the shower. Also, piñatas could be used, filled with pink or blue candies and confetti.  Gender reveal cakes are also becoming a sweet way to announce a new bundle.  Cakes are covered in thick neutral colored frosting and the parents cut into the cake together a’la wedding style to see a pink or blue food-colored cake.


Gender Stcks Getting the crowd in on the fun can also be exciting!  Ask the guests to wear pink or blue based on their guesses as to the baby’s gender.  Or hand out cardboard mustaches and lips on sticks.  Ask the crowd to break into boy or girl teams before the big reveal.


The Best Baby Shower Games