The holiday season brings us many reasons to lift our glasses with “cheers!” Gathering with friends, family, and the abundance of the season, there always seems to be a reason to celebrate. With the holiday season well underway, look to any of these beverage ideas to make your already festive moments even more memorable.



Suds for Celebrating

christmasbeersYes, we know that mugs of beer clunking together are not typically what is pictured when you think of holiday soirees, but with craft beer aficionados popping up by the dozen in nearly every crowd, it is time to accept beers as a holiday-worthy celebratory beverage. Go beyond the expected easy go-to beers and experiment with seasonal winter brews sure to quickly become party favorites. For local holiday inspired beers Breckenridge Brewery delivers caramel notes with Christmas Ale, Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale is a local seasonal favorite, Neversummer Ale from Boulder Brewing is a hoppy and flavorful light option, and New Belgium’s Snow Day is a smooth sip for the season.

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Drinks for the Seasongingerbreadmartini

Nothing spells sophistication like a holiday cocktail party. Even if you are not hosting a proper cocktail party it is always a good idea to offer a signature cocktail at your gathering for guests to sip while waiting for the meal, or to linger around after the meal over. Holiday cocktails do not need to be complicated. The punch bowl can become your best friend this time year serving your guests and you effortless holiday cheer all evening! Punch recipes have come a long way in the past few years, and it is easy to find updated seasonal recipes to serve a crowd. We like the spiced Poinsettia punch, Chilled Cider, Horse and Carriage, or the classic Tom and Jerry. Can also enlist your slow cooker for Mulled wine. For smaller gatherings and a host with more patience to mix drinks, a Gingerbread Martini has quintessential winter flavor, a Basil-Pear sipper brings seasonal fruits to the forefront, or a Holiday Cosmo is an easy party favorite.

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Wine and Bubbles for Cheering

champagne Choosing the right holiday wine can be daunting. What do you look for in a holiday wine? We vote for food-friendly wines that won’t break your bank when serving a crowd. An easy servable white such as a mid-range apple-noted Acrobat Pinot Gris. For reds the approachable Tedeschi Lucchine Valpolicella as it is a compliment to almost any holiday food. For a true wine drinker’s choice pour a Bodegas Belgrano Malbec. The spiced cherry notes make for interesting flavor without over-shadowing the main dishes. To keep the party sparkling late into the night, and perhaps ring in the New Year look for the trendy Grower-Champagnes. Grower Champagne is when the vineyards are both taken care of and made by the same group of people (more on this for our New Years Eve blog!) For affordable Grower-bubbles the Gaston Chiquet delivers light peachy notes, and it makes a great gift!

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