If the Big Day is the main event, think of the bridal shower as the first game of the celebratory season! Wedding celebrations seem to start chic, get silly (hello, bachelorette party!) and end extraordinary.  Serendipity will be along for the ride — this being our first in a series of wedding season blogs, we are taking the common bridal shower, and making it as memorable as the other events before the nuptials.



Get Zen

6a0120a86f70d7970b017c37df09db970b-800wiWith the mother-of-bride, mother in-law, bridesmaids, and of course, the bride all bustling about at the peak of wedding planning, take some time to restore for a bridal shower and have a tranquil, Zen themed bridal shower. Invite the bride’s closets lady friends to come in their favorite yoga clothes for an afternoon of relaxing and socializing. Serve light, healthy spa inspired foods, and pour fruit and herb infused water, or herbal teas. Hire a massage therapist to give chair massages, or ask the bride’s favorite yoga teacher to come teach the group a restorative, meditative class. Ask guests not to wrap gifts, (just attach small label with who it is from) to cut down on waste and gift-opening time. As guests leave the shower, ask them to fill out a card saying how they best un-wind and stay present during stressful times and display them in a decorative vase for the bride-to-be to take home and take a look at the tips as her Big Day inches closer. For Zen favors, hand out small vases with bamboo stalks, or to-go smoothie cups with the bride and groom’s initials.




Vegas Theme, Baby!

For brides that like to keep the stakes high, have a co-ed casino party. Include both sexes for an evening of Vegas themed games and cocktails. Use green table cloths to mimic casino games, and place gold coins in vases for centerpieces. To really keep the crowd in a Vegas state-of-mind, hire a magician and ask them to use the bride and groom as subjects for their act; or a stand-up comedian (or, perhaps a hilarious friend) to clown around with the guests of honor. What casino would be complete without a buffet? Serve Swedish meatballs, shrimp cocktail, clams casino dip, and mini pizzas. For sweets, have a custom casino cake, or cake pops shaped like dice. To keep things interesting, instead of just opening gifts the regular way, have guests play Bridal Shower BINGO. Favors can be personalized card decks, or shot glasses.






Slumber Party!

Gone are the days of simple ladies-only brunches, ridiculous games, ending with gift opening and cakes. While ladies brunch is a great traditional route to go for some, for that bride that is looking for something new, give her a grown-up slumber party. Ask close girlfriends to wear their PJ’s and bring their sleeping bags over. Or, if you really wanted to be an adult about it, rent a few adjoining hotel rooms. Dig up teenage pictures of the bride and hang them up around the party. Decorate the mirrors with cute messages written in lipstick and leave out pillows for sitting and a possible late-night pillow fight. Make a playlist of popular music from the brides’ teenage years and play truth or dare. Food is easy! Think ordered pizza, candy, and champagne, or the brides favorite cocktail. Put out plenty of toenail polish and celebrity magazines. Try to get the bride to fall asleep first, place all gifts out for when she wakes up. For breakfast have a make-ahead French toast casserole ready for the oven, and the mimosas ready to pour as the bride opens her gifts. Give out eye masks or slippers as favors. (No promises that this party will not be asked to be repeated again!)


Look for our upcoming wedding blogs for ideas on the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and of course, the wedding!