The “most sparkling” summer holiday is almost here! The 4th of July is known for burgers on the grill, lemonade, pie and other casual staples, but there are few ways to make your 4th of July party really pop, and tips to avoid making the evening fizzle out:


Do: Invite close friends and neighbors, and keep it casual- outside.


Don’t: Spend too much on décor. Try these easy inexpensive DIY ideas.


Do: Have plenty of seating. That doesn’t have to be just chairs. Pull out picnic blankets, benches, or even yard swings. Place seating arrangements randomly throughout your yard for good party flow.


Don’t: Forget about bugs! After the sun goes down, many bugs like to come out. Arm your party with these non-toxic insect repellent candles, or mesh food covers.


Do: Have multiple coolers available with beverages with soda and beers, or whip up cocktails in Mason Jars.  These will keep chilled better than one big pre-made cocktail.


Don’t: Worry about using real china or flatware. However, we do recommend using biodegradable, or Earth friendly disposables.


Do: Serve light dips, salsas, or salad skewers for appetizers.


Don’t: Serve anything that has be heated or cooked inside. Stick with items that can be grilled like sausages, burgers, and skewers. Sides can be salads, chilled pasta, or grilled veggies.


Do: Preheat the grill before cooking! Food cooks best on hot grill.


Don’t: Feel shy about asking guests to bring a dish. You provide the sizzling grill!


Do: Make sure that there are dishes for vegetarians or friends with diet requirements.  If you are not sure ask your friends with requirements to bring something they can eat.


Don’t: Leave cold salads out all party long. Simply bring them out right before serving, or if it is in your budget, spring for a salad-on-ice serving bowl.


Do: Have yard games for adults and activities for kids.


Don’t: Skimp on condiments. With the right combo of condiments, a simple hot dog becomes gourmet, and burgers become restaurant worthy.

Do: Serve chilled or no-bake desserts. For the most simplistic, host a make-your-own-root beer float bar, or buy your favorite Popsicles.


Don’t: Turn your oven on for baking pie on the day of the party. Having pie? Make your 4th of July American pie the day before.  It will keep your house cool on the day of the party, and you stress free.


Do: Buy a few fireworks. Easy sparklers are great to have on hand when the sun goes down for age appropriate children and adults.


Don’t: Forget patriotic music in your play list. Not every song has to be all-American, but definitely include a healthy mix of songs about the USA in your regular hit list.


Do: Make your party easy, not fussy. The best hosts are relaxed, so chill out and have fun!


What are your favorite party do, or don’t tips for the 4th of July?