images-1(By the way, we did fret over the grammar in the title, but lo’ and behold, grammarians have given the possessive apostrophe in the plural word their blessing….)

When Easter arrives, we feel a sigh of relief that winter in behind us and we are ready to welcome spring with open arms. The bright colors, vibrant foods, and vivid candies and sweets remind us that spring in here and warmer days are here to stay (at least for a little while.) This Easter keep your party hoppin’ with a few of these Serendipity approved tips.


Do have a fun centerpiece: After looking at drab colors for a few months, it is refreshing to see the bright colors of spring.


Don’t forget about the kids! Many Easter celebrations involve Easter egg hunts, and that is always welcome! But keeping the little ones busy throughout the party with other games and crafts is good idea too. This way the adults have more time to relax, knowing the kids are happily buzzing around.


Do have uniquely dyed Easter eggs. We love seeing something familiar done a different way. It is a great eye-catching conversation starter and can double as a centerpiece too!mint-and-cumin-spiced-lamb-chops-cover-940x600


Don’t spend too much time in the kitchen! When having guests, the best foods to serve are dishes that can be made ahead, or do not require too much work. For Easter brunch, think French toast casserole, a baked frittata, and spring salad. For dinner, roast spring veggies and ham the day before and warm before serving, or prepare a simple rack of lamb with sautéed asparagus.


Do find foods that are in season. Spring brings us some of the best fruits and vegetables of the year. Feature them on your menu as appetizers, side dishes, salads, and desserts; such as pastry wrapped asparagus, a leek gratin, a strawberry spinach salad, and for something sweet, an apricot crisp.


Don’t worry about the weather. The unpredictability of the season won’t change, so try to be flexible. If you plan on having your party outdoors, have a contingent plan toLavender-Lemonade-Recipe-@createdbydiane.jpg-530x353 move inside in case of rain, or (yikes!) even snow. With bright centerpieces and colorful foods, it will still feel like spring even if you must move inside.


Do set up a bar area for your guests to serve themselves. We find it is best to have a made-ahead signature cocktail and at least one non-alcoholic beverage ready to serve. (This festive Rabbit Punch and the seasonal lavender lemonade would work perfectly for the occasion.) If you’d like, you can fill in with springtime beers, light wines, and sodas.


Don’t buy too much packaged candy–make your own! Making your own Easter candy is easier than you think, and not to mention (slightly) healthier. As a bonus, kids love to get in on this too! But yes, we admit that it wouldn’t be Easter without a few bowls of Jelly Beans, so buy a few bags of those.


Do find your inner pastry chef and make a decorative Easter cake or cupcakes. There are many tutorials online, from advanced to simple. Many of them include cute candies as decorations, so combine your homemade candies with your cake for an instant Pinterest-worthy success!


13636715665_ec7922512a_bDon’t forget party favors for adults and kids. Adults would love these eggshell potted plants, or a package of springtime seeds for their gardens. Kids may need a break from the often sugar-fueled holiday; instead of more sweets, handout bubbles, small packages of chalk, or make glitter play dough and package in plastic eggs.


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