We are in the thick of wedding season until early fall, and with the Big Day comes many other celebrations– rehearsal dinner, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and the party that typically kicks it all off, the bridal shower.  Bridal showers run the gamut, from mellow traditional brunches to offbeat soirees at bowling alleys. We have seen lots of variety in the recent years, and would like to share with you our favorite themes for the bridal shower.



clock cake

Time of  Day

For a more traditional bride, a Time of Day, or Round the Clock shower is a fun way to have all the guests get involved, and possibly be a little more creative with their gifting. Assign the guests a time of day with each invitation and request that they bring a gift related to that time of day.  For example, 7AM coffee machine, 12PM salad plates, 5PM martini shakers, 10PM sheets… It is amusing to see what people come up with for their assigned times, and it assures that there are not repeated gifts.  Keeping the food with the theme, set up a buffet table with twelve serving plates in a clock shape starting with snacks and appetizers, then salads, sides, main courses, and end with desserts.  For drinks, split them into to morning drinks like different mimosas and greyhounds, or evening drinks–champagne or Palomas.






Around the WorldMini-Tacos-and-Tequila-600x900

This shower theme is great for adventurous couples, or couples who love to travel. It works well as a couples’ shower, or just for the ladies too. Similar to the Time of Day shower, request that each of the guest bring a gift from or related to a foreign country: a sushi kit from Japan, an English tea set, a pasta or espresso machine from Italy, a waffle maker from Belgium, a Swiss clock, etc.  If the couple or any of the guests are from another country, even better!  It is entertaining (and even a little educational) to discover what kitchen and household items are important in other cultures and incorporate them into ours.  Food and drink should of course be ethnic!  Pick no more than two or three countries to feature that go together, like margaritas, mini tacos, Cuban sandwiches, and tres leches cake.  Or just choose one, such as a French fondue party with French wine.





wild west theme

Rustic Wild West

A Wild West theme is perfect for a playful and silly couple, as this theme works best as a couples’ shower.  (Who didn’t dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl as a kid?)  Ask friends and family to come in the best clothes of West and boots and have a back yard BBQ, complete with a round of cowgirls vs. cowboys horseshoe throwin’. Keep the gift-opening casual, not the center of party.  Set up cozy picnic tables with checkered tablecloths. Serve pulled pork sliders, corn on the cob, watermelon, and pie for dessert. Keep ice buckets for access to cold-ones, and serve iced tea in mason jars.