Since taking a break from our favorite TV shows all summer, we are looking forward to their in the fall season.  Why not celebrate with gathering friends and having a theme party inspired by your weekly standard date with the tube?



Pick a Show


We all have our favorites, but not all of our friends may be familiar with our most cherished shows.  When choosing your show to model your Hand holding TV remote theme after, try picking a program that everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the concept, era, or main characters–for example most people know of American Idol, or any of the other popular talent contests, Mad Men, or 30 Rock are shows that most will know the basis of, even if they are not regular watchers.  If any of your choices seem too hard for guests to relate to, pick an old show everybody knows like The Cosby Show, Saved By the Bell, or Friends.




Dress the Part and Decorate!


Once you have your show picked, invite your guests and ask them to participate in keeping the theme running by dressing up as characters from Central Perk show, or in attire from the era. Black t-shirts and sunglasses to look like Simon Cowell, or flashy outfits to represent the contestants, retro wear and candy cigarettes for Mad Men, striped shirts and glasses for 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, trucker hats for Frank, or business suits for Jack.  If you are back to the old shows, think of Bill Cosby’s infamous sweaters, totally-rad 80’s attire for Saved by the Bell, or dust off your 90’s floral dresses and color blazers for Friends.

Have your décor follow the theme; balloons and sparkly banners for talent contests shows, put out old records, black and white photos, and ashtrays filled with candy cigarettes for Mad Men; for a 30 Rock theme, make your gathering place feel like the writers room with a long table, mixed matched chairs, current magazines and pizza boxes.  Of course, make a play list that goes with the times!





Food & Drinks


Cocktails and food can be the best and most talked about addition to a TV theme party!   In keeping with the shows’ overall motif, consider food Mad Men Bar and drink that correlate.  An American Idol menu may include American classics, like burgers and sodas.  For retro-chic Mad Men feature the cocktails, like martinis, and serve nostalgic hors d’oeuvres, mini potpies, or Swedish meatballs.  If you went the more current 30 Rock route, serve food and drinks to keep your “writers” going, hero sandwiches, doughnuts, and local beers.  For older themes such as The Cosby Show, make sure you serve, what else… Jell-o!  You can gather all your “Friends” in your very own Central Perk, have a coffee bar and serve assorted pastry’s– this theme is great for bridal showers!


Plan a Mad Men Premier Party

30 Rock Menu and Party Plan

A Friends and Central Perk Bridal Shower


Happy fall TV viewing and party throwing!  Have you ever thrown (or wanted to) have TV themed party?  What fun games, décor, or menu items did you include? We’d love to hear your ideas!