Get ready to don your favorite jersey, take a comfortable seat, and turn on the biggest game of the year, because Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here, and we have tips to make your day a winning success.



Although it is not completely necessary (guests are coming to watch your big screen, not cheer for your decorating skills), decorating minimally can add a touch of team camaraderie and playfulness to your party. Add team logo banners, streamers in team colors, and balloons. House divided? Split the room in half with each team’s colors: orange and blue for Broncos, turquoise and black for the Panthers. For an instant small stadium feel, ask your guests to sit on the side of team they are routing for.






One of the biggest fumbles that are made during Super Bowl parties is not having everything accessible, i.e. keeping food and beverages far from the television. In order to keep everyone cozy, move side tables close to the seating area for dips and nosh’s, haul a cooler or ice buckets into the living room filled with icy beers; even placing a small trash can out for beer caps, nut shells, and used napkins will keep your team close to the action without sacrificing playtime. And… seating, gotta have enough seating.









Super Bowl foods are simple, comforting, and easy to eat (After all, you need one hand free for fist bumps and high fives). Serve no-fuss foods that can be warmed and served quickly. Pigs in blanket, guacamole, meatballs, chicken wings, pizza and sliders are football-viewing staples for deliciously easy reasons. For more fan fare, make foods inspired by the region of each team. For Denver, think South-Western inspired foods, like bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, our famous green chili with quesadillas, or look at these micro brew inspired foods, including bleu cheese dips, or beer caramelized onion dip. Touchdown with Bronco sweets like Orange Crush cupcakes, or make a decadent adult float with your favorite Colorado microbrew. South Carolina Panthers foods score big with pulled pork or chicken and waffle sliders, shrimp dip, and individual banana puddings. If you can’t decide which food team you are on, make both! (Or ask guests to bring something.) At the end of the day take a vote to see which team scores more in the food game. (We vote Denver.)





It is estimated that a whopping 325.5 million gallons of beer will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday–that is enough to fill 500 Olympic Swimming pools! A Super Bowl game typically goes four hours, so choose your suds wisely. Offer enough variety that your teammates won’t get bored; also offer lighter beers that won’t sack your guests by halftime. Good local beers to have on hand are a light Colorado classic like Coors (easy to drink for a long game), or look for lighter microbrews with more flavor, like Joe’s Premium American Pilsner from Avery Brewing, or Tommyknockers Alpine Glacier Lager. If you happen to have a few Carolina fans at your house, consider hosting a beer bowl with the best beers from each region. Not to brag, but 10% of the nation’s craft breweries can be found in Colorado, we are home to nearly 230 established breweries. North Carolina has 125 breweries with Wicked Weed and Weeping Radish being among the local favorites. To change things up from beer, mix up beer cocktails, or make any of these big batch cocktails, before kickoff.



Happy Super Bowl 50! May your team (Denver Broncos) win!