Summer wedding season is here!  Summer in Colorado means sunny days and colorful landscapes, so it is no wonder that most of our outdoor weddings take place in the summer season.  We gathered a few unique, yet simple ideaBlue summer color s to keeping summer weddings fresh and different from the usual nuptials:



Break the color rules. Who says summer weddings have to include bright sunshiny colors? Look for colors typically found in cooler seasons–icy blues, shiny gold, and deep red. The cooler colors will help the hot summer weather feel more chill and relaxed, and they grab more eye-catching attention.



Think beyond regular chairs for guests to sit in. Summer weddings are outdoors so use natural elements like hay bundles covered in bright Mexican blankets, or soft fabrics for the ceremony, or finished tree stumps for dinning seats. If your location has lots of trees available, tie up a few hammocks or swinging chairs for guests to lounge in.

Wedding flipflops



Guests love feeling like they are taken of. Make guests feel special on the big day with touches like parasols for outdoor shade, having sunscreen available in pretty dispensers, making your wedding pogram on a fan, or providing the ladies the flip-flops for dancing at the reception. (Trust us, ladies in heels will appreciate this!)



By now we have probably all seen a photo booth at a wedding reception, this is an idea we love for nearly any occasion. For a summer wedding standout-photo booth, hang large picture frames from tree branches.



Instead of a traditional wedding book, leave out colorful chalk and ask guests to write on the sidewalk. Have your photographer taWedding pinata ke pictures of the sidewalk art, and names. Have drink coasters made on which guests can fill out “Advice for the Bride and Groom.” Or, our favorite idea: Make an anniversary piñata and ask guests to fill out cards with advice, romantic stories or jokes, or funny anecdotes about the bride and groom. The newlyweds will pop it open on their first anniversary.



Instead of floral centerpieces, hang flowers from anything such as tree branches or low hanging ceilings.



Upscale picnic and barbeque foods have been hot the past few years for summer weddings. If you are going this route, think a little outside the expected with items like grilled fish tacos, gazpacho, and grilled lime butter corn. Or Jamaican jerk chicken, summer rice, and grilled fruit kabobmini-ice-cream-floats.



For desserts other than cake, make your childhood dreams come true with a ten-foot banana split, or an ice cream sundae bar. We have also loved seeing root beer floats in rustic jars or miniature versions, and make-your-own-S’mores at recent summer weddings.



Did you have, or are having a summer wedding? We’d love to hear from you! What unique ideas did you incorporate?