Meg - Pastry Summertime memories often include enjoying a sweet, cold treat on vacation, on a beach, or just from the cute little neighborhood ice cream truck.  A fruity Popsicle to cool down on a hot afternoon, topping berries with fresh whipped cream to finish a meal, a slice of pie at a backyard barbeque, an ice cream cone as the sunsets; summer sweets are simply a part of the season.  Unlike other seasonal desserts, summer treats can range from healthy to (perhaps) over-indulgent and almost anything in between.  With so many summer desserts to choose from it can hard to decide what is best to serve at a party, or what treats are simply satisfying on a hot day. We got together with our Executive Pastry Chef, Meg, who took a break from managing her busy Serendipity pastry team to answer a few questions:






What is your favorite cold dessert to indulge in for a hot summer day?

Meg: I love nice watermelon-blood orange granita is probably my favorite. It’s light, refreshing, and cool for your summer pallet.Watermelon Granita



Best fruit for summer sweets is…

Meg: Anything coconut or pineapple, such as a classic Piña Colada flavor. Delicate coconut custard with candied rum infused pineapples just screams summer and tropical locations!



Most unusual summer dessert you ever had, or made was….

Meg: It was actually one I made. It consisted of cumin spiced mini churros, sweet corn cake bites, tequila-lime gelèe, fried plantains, and the strangest part, a Tahitian vanilla bean-avocado purèe. It Coconut Custard sounds odd, but it was delightful! (I can be known for my strange flavor combinations.)




An excellent dessert and beverage paring you’d recommend? 

Meg: Passion fruit sorbet is a must!  It would pair nicely with a Hurricane. However Hurricane must be made with fresh juices. The mixes don’t accurately present the amazing, vibrant flavor of the New Orleans classic drink.




Berry Trifle

Summer desserts can be simple, any favorite easy-to-make dessert ideas for our readers to entertain home? 

Meg: Trifles!  They are always a favorite at parties. They are incredibly easy and delicious! Just cake, berries, sweetened vanilla whipped cream–done! I like to serve them in individual sizes. I guarantee nobody will complain.



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