Many times we find ourselves sitting outside on a long summer evening enjoying a good conversation over a cool drink, as time truly does seem to slow down—it is summer, after all. With so many classic and trendy cocktails to choose from, we narrowed down the three types of beverages you should be sipping this summer.



Herbedherb drink

Bring the herb garden to your beverage and try adding a fresh herb to almost any cocktail to make it an instant summer beverage.  Look to summer staple herbs like mint and basil to brighten up any classic drink.   A typical gin and tonic can turn into a refreshing summer drink with basil and cucumber slices. Aside from making drinks livelier as a garnish, allow herbs to be the star of the show in cocktails like a vodka lavender thyme lemonade  or the fizzy raspberry herb cocktail.

20 Summer Cocktails with Fresh Herbs





Low-Alcoholcampari and soda

Yes, summer is the time for leisurely sipping. However, after a hot, long evening a few heavy-hitting cocktails can quickly add up!  Instead of going full force with your cocktails, scale back a little on the alcohol, without sacrificing grown-up flavor, and worry less about having “just one more.” In general, alcoholic drinks have 1.5 ounces of alcohol (the equivalent of a glass of wine, or a beer). Look to low-alcohol drinks to serve a crowd for summer gatherings, or for a long evening of catching up with an old friend.  Enjoy summer inspired drinks like a beachy pineapple cooler, a feminine wine spritzer, or have an herb infused low alcohol drink, such as this sweet basil cocktail.

Low Alcohol Cocktails

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Beer Cocktailslime-shandy

There are few things better than a cold beer to top off the end of a hot summer day. To change things up this summer try turning your favorite brew into a refreshing cocktail. For those following the World Cup try a spin in the Brazilian classic Caipirinha and have a    Caipbeerinha; made with a hoppy IPA of your choice it is an ideal summer cocktail for beer connoisseurs.  For a lighter drink, a pink raspberry beer cocktail is an easy to make and serve drink for summer. If you and your guests are more into beer than cocktails, the stout-heavy diplomat will leave you with more beer buzz than cocktail flavor.

Beer Becomes a Cocktail