egg in shaved asapargus When we think of spring, we think of renewal, starting over, and blossoming into the warm season.  Brunch is a meal that feels much the same.  Spring holidays are often celebrated during brunch time: Easter, Mother’s Day, bridal or baby showers, and garden parties all seem most appropriate early in the day, with a mimosa in hand. Lingering over a long morning brunch with friends and loved ones, is the perfect way to take advantage of spring.



In Season: Spring Food Ideas

When it comes to brunch, the name of the game is variety.  Some of us like sweets, while others like savory, and others prefer both for our mid-morning feast.  In addition to the expected breakfast foods, it is also nice to have spring-inspired salads and fruits.  In order to please everybody’s palette, we often see brunch parties set up as stations for larger parties, such as the always classic omelet bars, or Belgium waffle bars. For a modern twist on these, we like an eggs Benedict bar with different breads, sauces, and toppings, or a healthier yogurt parfait bar with fruits, nuts, and granola.  For smaller crowds, setting up a bar may be too much of a production.  For these we like savory dishes that can be made ahead and warmed up, like frittatas or savory crepes. A great make-ahead sweet breakfast food is French toast, and it is even easy to set up a mini-topping bar for French toast on your own–just fill bowls with different syrups, fruits, and whipped cream.


donut+kabobsA current trend we are loving for brunch is the “breakfast appetizer” approach: serving traditional and trendy favorites in bite sizes.  This works well with mini pancakes, quartered French toasts, mini bagels and lox, omelet or frittata muffins, or fruit kabobs with doughnut holes. This gives everyone a variety of choices and freedom to eat as much, or as little, as they’d like.

Brunch Recipes

Menu: A Relaxed Spring Brunch






Spring Drinks: Classic Cocktails and Modern Twists

Brunch is great excuse to have a few cocktails during the day, and when we do have day-drinks, we tend to like them on lighter side.  Sticking withSpring-Brunch-Cocktails classic mimosas and Bloody Mary’s is always a good direction, but if you are looking for a new brunch cocktail, spring can give you plenty of inspiration. Spring herbs can give morning cocktails a bright accent of flavor and aesthetic.  We like sparkling lemonade with tarragon, or a cucumber cooler with thyme. (Look for our newsletter featuring more cocktails with herbs this Friday!)  For a change from the standard Bloody Mary, try other on-the-rise vegetable-based drinks, the carrot and spice juiced rabbit cocktail is a surprise favorite and beet-based concoctions are colorful, sweet, and pair well with both sweet and salty brunch foods.

Brunch Cocktails

Spring Cocktails Perfect for Brunch



We love to hear ideas from our readers! What is your favorite springtime brunch food, or drink?