The clouds have finally cleared and we can al-most say that summer is here, which means grilling season is too!  We love outdoor cooking for its relaxed sense, healthful, easy foods, and it doesn’t leave our kitchen a mess even when entertaining. A few quick tips for firing up your grill this summer:



grilling 1) Before getting your grill ready for summer cookin’ give it a good clean.  You don’t want pieces of last summer’s corn ending up on your pricey Filet Mignon.



2) When grilling, get the flames hot, like really hot. Grills should be preheated for 15-20 minutes before cooking anything so that it reaches temperatures of 350-450 degrees.  This will allow foods to sear on contact and lock-in all the flavorful juices.


3) While you are waiting for your grill to preheat this is a great time to use a grill brush off to remove any lingering charred debris.  (Also a great time to crack open a summer brew.)



4) Not all of us do this but we should: Oil your grill!  This will help to keep it clean, keep foods from half-sticking and save you a little embarrassment.  Simply oil a paper towel and rub on the hot grates with a pair of tongs before grilling.



5) We all love the coveted grill marks, but this summer is all about using different techniques.  Try wrapping a whole meal in foil, plank grilling, grilling a burger on cast iron skillet or grill oysters on a bed of salt.



6) Love the flavor of smoked ribs but don’t have the smoker?  If you have a grill (gas or charcoal), you can convert it into a smoker.  Save some money and impress your BBQ guests.



7) Grill more than meat and veggies.  Grill fruit for deserts or sangria, grill pizzas, grill meatballs or meatloaf, cheeses, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, garlic breads for a side or bruschetta, pound cake slices, melons, French Toast, and grilled bananas for a perfect summer split.




Above all, enjoy your summer cooking with the laid back attitude that comes with summer!  More from Serendipity on summer cooking and entertaining coming soon…