As every New Year starts we begin to hear about the newest food and beverage trends, and expected “it” foods that will grace our palettes in the upcoming year–2016 is no different! This year we are expecting to see even more health conscious foods, more eco-friendly kitchen practices, spiced everything, more savories than sweets, and a few surprises along way. We listed our six favorite food trends for 2016.



Food Waste

If the past few years were all about educating the public on buying local, the next few years are all about educating on food waste. With both homes and professional kitchens becoming more aware of the effects of food waste on our enviroment and our wallets, food waste is the latest eco-friendly food movement. Expect to see more info on composting, food waste collectors like the local We Don’t Waste, and “root to stalk” vegetable eating. Serendipity has been on the cusp of this movement and has been composting 95% of all kitchen food waste since 2010. We also partner with We Don’t Waste and Serendipity co-owner Laura Zaspel gives lectures on our green practices, including food waste.




Breakfast Bowls

Goodbye breakfast burritos and smoothies. 2016 is grabbing a spoon and digging in. Breakfast bowls are making a strong comeback with kicked-up oatmeal for the more traditional, chia pudding for the just catching on, and acai bowls for the trendiest of all. Breakfast bowls are following in-line with the year’s health trend, starting the day with nutrient-dense fruits, nuts, and seeds, and powders. Look for this trend to carry over from cafes and juice stops into your home with ready to make breakfast bowls selling at your local grocers.






With gluten-free awareness still in full effect, chickpeas are moving from hummus dips into the limelight. Chickpea flour can be used to make pasta, crepes, fritters, and flatbreads. The humble chickpea doesn’t stop at savory, and is easily used to make pancakes, cookies, muffins, and cakes!












Thanks to the health conscious year ahead, heavier meats that have been getting attention will take a backseat, allowing veggies and seafood to shine on our plates. Poke (pronounced poh-key) is a dish that hails from Hawaii and is often served in bowls (see the trend here?) with raw fish, like tuna, octopus, scallops, or salmon tossed in a marinade of soy sauce, nuts, scallions, seaweed, avocado, mango, sesame oil, ginger and chilies, and topped over seaweed seasoned rice. The healthy, easy dish will replace last year’s popular ceviche, and is a comparable alternative to sushi.






The wonder spice of ’16 is turmeric. The orange, peppery powerhouse root has been getting a ton of attention due to its anti inflammatory properties, arthritic relief, cancer prevention, assisting with liver function, lowering cholesterol, and cardiovascular function…. It is easy to see why we are looking to include this traditionally Indian curry spice in nearly everything. Turmeric will be making appearances in smoothies and juices, vinaigrettes, meat dishes, baked into breads, stirred into sweets, and tea.





Tart is the New Sweet

Looking for new ways to lighten up our sweets, 2016 is looking to tartness and bitter flavors. Chefs will be experimenting with more with raw ingredients, like un-sweetened chocolate, citrus, tart yogurts, warmer spices, and bitter unfermented foods and teas. Desserts will be more along the lines of savory ice cream; think bleu cheese and sour cherry, and cookies with lemon and fresh herbs.





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