Serendipity HappensWhen opening a business, one of the many challenges is choosing a name that suits your personality, the business, and will be intriguing to clientele. Much like naming a baby, you need to think long-term about how this name will affect the business, and it is always great to have a story behind a name. In the case of Serendipity Catering, the owners (Todd and Laura Zaspel) convened a garden party with close friends and held a naming party. Ehem, that resulted in some not so stellar suggestions….”Fork Off and Dine”….

Shortly after the naming party, Laura and a friend took it from another approach and listed out their top 10 favorite words to get the ball rolling. As it turned out, a word on that list, a single word, captured everything they wanted — and Serendipity Catering was born.  According to Laura, for her, the word had always represented whimsy, beauty and a sense of humor.



What is Serendipity?

3 Princes of Serendip

In an elegant nutshell, the meaning of serendipity is the natural gift of making fortunate discoveries by chance, or simply: a happy accident. The word derives from the lighthearted Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip. In the tale, three brothers who are heroes always happen to conquer quests by accidents, or to make accidental discoveries that turned out to be quite helpful in their quests. With this tale in mind the word serendipity took on its modern meaning.





Other  Serendipities & Us


Yes, there are other entrepreneurs who saw charm in the fun-loving and interesting name. So often we are asked, “Are you named after the John Cusack movie?” The other more notable namesake is New York’s Serendipity 3, whose claim to fame is the original and divine frozen hot chocolate. This legendary café was said to be frequented by Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and more recently Tom Cruise. So yes, we had heard of the movie and the cafe, but that is not where we got the name.  (The Las Vegas Serendipity 3 is actually a take-off on the New York eatery.) We are Colorado’s (Certifiably Green) Serendipity Catering, no relation to the others.

bonnie_and_richard0041Twelve years after that fun, but unproductive, garden party and then the “word list”, we couldn’t be happier with our name.  The “fairy tale name”, Serendipity, fits our business so well; we enjoy the process of discovering what every new day brings, finding inspiration (and new friends!) in the most unexpected places, and learning something new along the way.