baby shower cookies

Flowers, green grass, budding trees, spring vegetables, buzzing bees, and the impending arrival of babies- spring brings many new appearances! With spring, late summer, and early fall having the most popular birth months, we wanted to explore a few unique ideas to celebrate the quintessential baby shower.







Don’t Forget Dad (Even if you are not including him!)

Gone are the days of ultra traditional showers. While it is always perfectly acceptable to have an all-ladies gathering, don’t leave dad out completely. While the ladies are gathering, dad-to-be can invite his guy friends for a game of golf, poker at a buddy’s, or meet at his favorite pub. Help the parents-to-be by requesting that friends bring a package of diapers from newborn size to two years. Let the ladies open the sippy cups and layette sets.



Co Ed

Incorporate the celebration of both parents by asking friends and family of both sexes to join. The celebration can include everyone by having simple yard games, or choose a theme that everyone can get on board with. If dad is a music fan, have a rock ‘n roll theme, if both parents went to the same college, use their Alma matter colors, or sports teams. Do the parents-to-be love to travel? Have an around-the-world themed baby shower.










Eco Friendly

Eco friendly can be elegant! Start by using Evites in lieu of paper invitations. (We find this easiest for most smaller occasions anyway.) Ask guests to skip the gift-wrapping paper and instead use baby blankets with ribbon, this also cuts down on gift opening time, allowing the mom-to-be more time to socialize with friends! Upcycle jars and vases filled with flowers for centerpieces, serve local foods on real (not paper) dishes. Give guests mini succulents in jars, or seeds packets to plant when they are home.








Girl or Boy it Up

For the parents who plan and like to know their baby’s gender before hand, we love a bright pink girly party or a little man blue party. A little lady’s party can go beyond baby pink with modern twists like a pink in Paris theme, or a pink garden tea party, and be sure to have plenty of pink sweets or candy as a sweets display. Or ditch the pink all together, and have a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” shower, complete with Tiffany’s blue and white candies. Ask mom-to-be and friends to wear their little black dresses and pearls! Little men can be celebrated with bowties, mustaches, a cowboy theme, or a blue nautical theme. If the parents have a favorite sports team, model the shower after the sport and colors.









Gender reveal parties are still popular for the bravest parents-to-be. We love to celebrate these babes with safari, travel, or rustic-chic themes. Have beads of pink or blue readily available when guests walk in and ask them to wear the color they think baby is, or simply have a chalkboard ready to cast everyone’s vote. Discover baby’s gender by filling balloons with pink or blue confetti and ask everyone to pop at the same time, cover cans of blue/pink silly string with construction paper and have the parents have a loving silly string fight, cut into a gender reveal cake, or fill a piñata with pink or blue candies.







No matter how you choose to celebrate the arrival of baby and new parents, this time is no doubt sweet and exciting! Serendipity wants know: what baby shower ideas have you loved?