Sharock Pots On Saint Patrick’s Day we all become honorary Irish folk. This weekend, we can all plan to celebrate with a culture that knows how to have a good time! From lively parades, unique adult and kid crafts, traditional Irish meals, and beers, we feel like lucky little leprechauns for at least one day a year.


Get Crafty with Decorations

One of the best things about St. Pat’s is that it is a holiday that does not include over-the-top decorations, and there are plenty of easy-to-find do-it-yourself crafts for the emerald and rainbow themed holiday. A few of our favorite crafts to add a touch of green to your day:

24 Handmade St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Irish Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Decor



Food, Beers, and Other Drinks Too!

St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without a few staple Irish foods. Stout lamb stew and corned beef with root vegetables are easy, generously Rainbow Cupcakes servable meals, especially when prepared in the slow cooker. Sheppard’s pies, or hand held meat pies are wonderful if you feel stepping it up a little from the hearty stews. Colcannon, a mash of potatoes, leeks, and cabbage is a must as a traditional Irish side, (and the ingredients are in season!) for dinner or a savory breakfast. Get the oven ready for baking plenty of the dense textured and easy-to-make  Irish soda bread to sop up stews, or serve with assorted jams.

Dessert for St. Pat’s is meant to be as playful as the holiday itself, so have fun with your sweet tooth imagination! Mint-chocolate cookies topped with green candies or Irish Crème cookies are great for sweets on the go. For a colorful display, try an easy-to-make  rainbow cupcake-cake. Other sweets to bring you luck are lime squares with pistachios, shamrock shake, frosted cupcakes topped with Lucky Charms, or keep it really simple with yellow Jello served in miniature pots of “gold.”


The holiday is known for being joviaShamrock-Beerl, and often that includes a beverage, or two (or more.) Traditional Irish beers, like Guinness, Harp, and Murphy’s are no-brainers when it comes to toasting the Emerald Isle. If Irish ales are not your drink of choice, try an Irish whiskey, or whiskey cocktail. We like the punch-packing Emerald and the gingered Blarney Stone.

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Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails





Go Green (Literally)Tree-planting

If ringing in the holiday dressed in green with heavy beer in-hand is not how you celebrate your Saint Patrick’s Day, consider celebrating by going “green,” as in Earth-friendly, not the too-much-green-beer kind. Bike to work, up-cycle items in your home, plant a tree or flowers in your yard, shop locally, or organize a trash pick up in your neighborhood.

Top 16 Ways to Go Green


However you choose to celebrate it, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!