To get a jump start on romance this year we explored the most popular romantic food.  Get the candles and love song play list ready–these foods will make your sweetheart swoon on Valentine’s Day.



Shellfish & Seafood

Lobster Ravoli There is something light and elegant about a candlelit seafood dinner.  The most well known aphrodisiac food (due to their high level of rare amino acids) is oysters.  Those of us that do like the rugged pearl-holder, know that the best way to enjoy them is freshly shucked and with a squeeze of lemon. If your date prefers their bivalve cooked, a simple recipe like Oysters with Pancetta and Breadcrumbs is light and easy enough not to keep you in the kitchen too long– giving you more time to charm by candlelight.  Many of us tend to have a love/hate feeling when it comes to oysters; the good news is a few other foods from the sea can have similar qualities. A perfectly cooked lobster is the crustacean that conjures up luxury and romance. And despite what many may think, they are quite easy to prepare  at home. Even the mildest of seafoods, scallops also have a loving effect.


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classic-fondue-cremantFoods that we can share automatically seem more intimate, sending admiring messages to our dates.  The most well-known and common sharable romantic food is the back-in-style fondue.  Easy to make at home and create your own dip-able foods, after a few glasses of bubbly, fondue will heat things up fast! (Chocolate fondue is an easy romantic follow up.)  Other shareable foods to consider are a bowl of pasta, roasted duck, paella, or rack of lamb.  Think of your date’s favorite foods and make them more special by adding luxury items, like truffles, or truffle oil, a unique cheese, caviar, foie gras, chanterelle mushrooms, or a rare fruit or vegetable. Place enough food for two on an over-sized plate and bask in the culinary bliss with the one you love.


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souffle-cakesChocolate has long been known to have an amorous effect. The Aztecs referred to the desirable treat as “nourishment of the Gods” and thought the beans held many special powers—they even left beans as offerings to the gods, and as used chocolate as medicine. Today we know chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same chemical released in brain when we are infatuated.  The quintessential romantic food, chocolate can be given to our loved ones in heart shaped boxes, or made at home with extra love. For a more euphoric feel, serve dreamy, rich chocolate desserts hot.  Warm recipes like chocolate molten cake, pot de crèmes, or chocolate soufflés are sure to enchant your companion.


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Look for our blog on the most romantic beverage, champagne, coming soon!