Point Table Setting It is easy enough to dress up any ol’ space and make it party-worthy, but many times we are lucky enough to work with spectacular venues, such as Point Gallery, that do not need a lot of fuss to be wonderful every time. The versatile and unique layout make Point Gallery one of our absolute favorite art gallery venues to recommended for weddings, upscale cocktail parties, unique corporate soirees, and any festive reason to celebrate. The event space offers a dinning area, a bar set-up, dancing, a stage for live music or DJ’s, and a newly appointed bridal suite. Situated in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District, Point Gallery holds a modern artistic charm with a touch of whimsy. Point Gallery part owner Michael Vacchiano was kind enough to give us the essential scoop on what makes this event space so exceptional.



What types of events is the gallery best suited for?

Point Gallery is ideally suited for all types of events ranging from weddings and holiday parties to corporate networking events and product launches. The Gallery is incredibly versatile, which makes each event something special and unique.  The interior is a spacious contemporary design, arranged in such a way as to still offer an air of intimacy with three distinct exhibition spaces, showcasing contemporary artworks from regional and national and emerging artists.



What sets Point Gallery apart from other galleries in the art district?

From the sidewalk, Point Gallery is rather unassuming, but as you walk into the front gallery the first thing you’ll notice is the caliber of art we have hanging on our walls.  Then as you move into the rear gallery you’ll begin to notice the scale and beauty of the building Dancing Point Gallery itself, with its high ceilings and modern industrial accents. Exploring further you’ll find our artists’ studios and bridal suite, located on the second floor.  You begin to see the charm of a working artist’s studio and feel the creativity buzzing in the air.  It usually takes people quite a while to wander the entire space, but when they finally reemerge, the most common comment that we hear is that they had no idea that a place like this existed in Denver and that they felt like they were in a gallery in New York City.



Aside from being part owner of the gallery, you are also an artist. How does hosting events help your monthly featured artists get exposure? 

The two aspects of our business (art and events) complement each other very well. For the artists that we represent the events are great exposer for their work. Instead of having just one art opening a month we have up to ten events a month, all of which expose their work to new clientele who may not have otherwise seen it. Our event clients have the benefit of hosting their event using some really incredible artwork as their backdrop. It’s a win-win.



Since your opening, what has been your favorite event this past year?

They’ve all been a lot of fun and its Point Wedding always nice to see our guests enjoying themselves as they explore the space, but the one event that comes to mind would be the party we held for Mudra Dance Studio. They’re a local non-profit group that uses traditional Indian dance to promote nonviolence in our communities. We were treated to a private performance in the rear gallery; it was a lot of fun.



When planning a big event here, how important is it to have the right caterer and event planning team?

It is very important to us that our clients have the best experience possible when having their event at Point Gallery. We feel that a good catering company and event planning team is essential for making things run smoothly, so we listen to our customers needs and pair them with a company that’s right for them. We work with companies like Serendipity because we know that they will take care of our clients from the moment they contact them all the way through the end of their event.



Serendipity loves working with Point Gallery and we are thrilled to be recognized as an official “Culinary Partner”. Call (303.561.3663) or request info from our talented event planning team to begin working on your next exciting event– using an art gallery like the Point Gallery is a great way to make the event special, and unique from start to finish.