Cheers to the upcoming party season! Planning cocktails for your celebration are often more challenging than deciding on the food. How much and what kind of spirits will be needed all depends on your approach.

The Approach

The simplest option that appeals to the masses is to offer beer and wine. White and red wine and a mix of domestic and imported beer will offer the variety needed for your guests. For a party of 10 to 25 guests, stock five bottles of red wine, two of white and two cases each of imported and domestic beer.

An open bar is the friendliest option for guests but typically the most costly option for your party. The open bar is also the hardest to stock since you are never certain what drinks will be popular. Plan to stock whiskey, bourbon, rum, gin, scotch, tequila, and vodka. You will also need club soda, colas, juices and tonic water for mixers. Some drinks also require garnishes like olives, mint or limes.

Signature cocktails are an affordable way to provide liquor at your party and often gives guests a taste of something they’ve never before tried. Choose two or three drinks and prepare a simple drink menu so your guests know what they are getting. Prior to the party, mix each drink and write down a recipe. Use your recipe to calculate how much of each ingredient you will have to buy in order to each guest to get one of each drink. Some drinks can be mixed ahead of time while others will have to be mixed as they are requested.


Serendipity has plenty of cocktail options to choose from. Click the image and ask about our drink menu!

Serendipity has plenty of cocktail options to choose from. Click the image and ask about our drink menu!

From a Cranberry Gin and Tonic to a Bubbly Poinsettia to Jingle Juice, we know a variety of drink recipes for you to try.

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No matter which option you choose, remember to have 1 pound of ice on hand for each guest.

Take the stress off and enjoy your party by hiring a bartender. Not only can the bartender help you stock the bar and mix drinks, they can also help monitor consumption and close the bar at a designated time. Serendipity has 6 TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) certified bartenders that can make your party a success. Our bartenders can mix any drink you desire and make the drinks look festive, too!

While you are at it, let us make some awesome appetizers to serve with your libations.  Call us today to help with your holiday party.