Being a Denver Broncos fan means putting on the orange and blue for a Sunday game and breaking out the chips and dip and a beverage or two. All this is possible with food dye! Fortunately, some people take their team spirit a step further and try to coordinate the food colors with team colors. Orange food is easy. But have you ever tried to find blue food?

There is a reason there isn’t much blue in food – blue is an appetite suppressant. There are no leafy blue vegetables and no blue meat. Blueberries are really a shade of purple, as are blue potatoes. Food researchers say that when humans searched for food, they avoided blue foods that were often a sign of spoiled or rotten edibles. Because of this, we have no appetite response to the color blue, according to Color Matters. This turns people off from experimenting with blue food dye.

The Science Behind Food Dye

On the other hand, the blue dye used to make blue M&Ms and Gatorade has been shown to help reduce the effects of spine injury when injected into rats. The side effect, the rats temporarily turned blue, reported researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center to CNN. After the injection, the dye helped the rats walk again with a limp. The rats that did not receive the injection never regained mobility.

The orange foods you love are rich in beta carotenes and vitamin C. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables help boost your immune system and help reduce the risk of heart disease, said Dr. Andrew Weil on his website.

Green is a color that signals the food is a good source of vitamins while red foods contain lycopenes. Whites, like onions and garlic, contain a phytochemical which may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, Dr. Weil reports.

Did you know that color also helps you distinguish taste? Multiple studies using flavored and colored drinks show that a cherry flavored drink that is a different color than red, it often misidentified in taste tests. The studies also proved that as the intensity of the color increased, so did the perceived intensity of the flavor.

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