This year, get out of the same ol’ routine for Valentine’s Day — flowers, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, and chocolates, are available all year-round (and could possibly make more of an impression on a day that they are not expected “just because”). Show your loved one you care for them this Valentine’s Day with sweet surprises and stunning gestures that will be sure to charm your love.



Take a Trip to Another Country


No, we do not mean book an impromtu actual trip. (Although, how nice would that be?) Take a look at other cultures and countries and see how they best celebrate love, or their versions of Saint Valentine’s Day. Pick one different cultural tradition or a few of the best that resonate with you and roll them into your day. A few of our favorites are: South Korea celebrates something love related every 14th of the month. MValentines Heart ake your loved one a personalized calendar noting something special every 14th, such as hug day, your Valentine’s favorite movie day, or take-out night. In Denmark, men write quirky poems anonymously to their darlings, only giving clues by placing a dot in place of their names–once the recipient guesses the correct sender of the silly love poem, she will get an extra egg at Easter time. Instead of an Easter egg in April, give a more romantic gift in the spring, such as jewelry or tickets to a play.


We love that each of these traditions gives reason to continue to celebrate love throughout the year! For a more lively celebration, take notes from Brazil. The colorful South American country celebrates their version of the holiday in June (as February 14th conflicts with Carnival). Brazilians spend their Valentine’s Day with music festivals and performances. Bring your love to an exciting performance: think belly dancers, performance art, or a comedy act—the plus side is, there will be less of a crowd!




A Brunch to Celebrate Friends


Pink velvet martiniWhile the message of Valentine’s Day can always seem romantic, it certainly doesn’t mean the day has to be all about our significant others. Invite all of your closest girlfriends over for a proper “Galentine’s Day” brunch (thanks Leslie Knope). Keep the girls gabbing over a creative make-your-own Valentine craft table complete with pink velvet martinis. Serve mini French toasts, smoked salmon on potato pancakes, and treat your guests with a sparkling gold cake. Who says all gold has to be jewelry and all Valentine’s are for couples?


Throwing the Ultimate Girls Valentine’ Day Party




Fall in Love with Your City


Often times we overlook many of the best things that are right in front of us. It is easy to take where we live for granted as we spend fireside-picnicmost of our time in our towns. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective to make us appreciate our home cities. Give your city more love and look into “touristy” type things your beloved has always wanted to do. Such as taking a downtown carriage ride, a beer tour, a pedi cab ride, a historic tour of downtown, or a public art tour. If following a tour group isn’t something that suites your date’s fancy, set up a romantic scavenger hunt for your Valentine among historical landmarks (be sure to pepper-in some of your favorite places as a couple too). Skip the over-crowed restaurant scene and end the hunt at home with a simple fire-side picnic.


We wish you a fun, unique and delicious Valentine’s Day!