Being fortunate enough to run a successful catering business in Colorado allows us to explore all types of venues–from the best in urban city locations to the beauty and romance of wide-open mountain spaces, we have seen it all. As we are diving into wedding season, we are taking a closer look at a few of our favorite venues. At the top of our list is a mountain retreat just 45 minutes away from Serendipity: Meadow Creek Lodge & Event Center.


Meadow Creek was established in 1912 in Pine, Colorado with a quaint cabin on beautiful mountainside land. (The same cabin is now incorporated as a part of the existing Caretaker’s Quarters.) The accommodations originally served as basecamp for an Italian Prince and his Denver Bride to oversee the building of their Stone Lodge (known then as Casina Lontana) in the late 1920s where, upon completion, they would invite all their friends and family to retreat and relax from Denver’s summer heat.

Meadow Creek Gaz


The 1940s brought new ownership when the Lodge and surrounding acreage became a small working ranch and personal home to Frank Douglass and his wife where they resided until their passing. The estate was then subdivided into today’s Douglass Ranch Homeowner’s Association. The Stone Lodge itself, along with the immediate 34 acres was set aside as a Historical Site, being renovated into a Bed and Breakfast, officially opening in 1988. Meadow Creek’s “Twisted Pines Pavilion” was completed 10 years ago when the current owners, Rob and Jayne Holmes, came on board. They have since been able to offer year-round weddings, among other events, and simple romantic getaways, all within this classic mountain oasis. Rob answered a few of our questions about what makes Meadow Creek Lodge a truly magical mountain venue.



What makes Meadow Creek Lodge a unique venue for a Colorado wedding?


We believe that our two biggest amenities are seclusion and convenience. You cannot believe, as the crow flies, that we are less than a half mile away from a major U.S. Highway as quiet and peaceful as it is. Yet it does not require navigating a 12-mile gravel road to get here either. We are less than an hour from downtown Denver or Boulder and just minutes above Golden and Morrison.  When you add our lodging accommodation, Meadow Creek is indeed a rare find for those seeking such a combination of services.   MCBB - TPPDining



What is the best part of having a Colorado mountain wedding?


The best part of Meadow Creek’s location is our ability to bring a real honest outdoor mountain setting combined with the flavor of a historic Bed & Breakfast Inn and modern facility comfort for all involved to enjoy. We find too that many invitees are family members and friends visiting Colorado for the very first time. We’re able to help our clients show just why we live here and love our Colorado Rockies so.



If the bride and groom have family in town, they often will stay at the Lodge too.  How do you manage this without putting further stress on the soon-to-be-married/just-married couple?


Because we are a Bed and Breakfast and provide an exclusive one or two night experience for the immediate wedding party, we are able to provide a unique ability of “off the clock” time to prepare and enjoy all their advance planning leading up to everyone’s arrival here, through the actual wedding day itself and with brunch services offered the morning after before final departure. This slows down much of the related time stress associated with such occasions. Meadow Creek Bride/Groom Our brides and grooms actually get to enjoy their own weddings here rather than being whisked through, barely blinking and having to rely on photos taken to remember what just happened.



How important is it to work with knowledgeable caterer (like Serendipity) when planning a wedding at Meadow Creek Lodge?


After your venue choice, the caterer is probably the most important decision to be made for your actual wedding day. There is a an overlap of responsibilities between the two services and a seamless appearance of operation, from start to finish, it is important and adds tremendously to the overall well-being and care of each guest’s needs for a memorable event. Meadow Creek’s reputation is highly invested in making sure that the “Captain” of a client’s Reception and/or Rehearsal dinner is not only up to the task in serving the contracted meal, but are also experience with the venue, it’s particular operation and their personal staff to leave guests thinking and sharing their good thoughts to all others looking for a similar experience.



What has been your favorite wedding/event hosted at Meadow Creek?

MCBB Night 

Well, to be honest, our favorite event held here was our own daughter’s wedding celebration a few years back. While being very blessed in having the ability to offer our children such a setting to begin their lives together, it also gave us an opportunity to actually be guests at Meadow Creek and too experience all that we market and offer to our clients here over the past ten years. We are happy to report all in attendance had a most special, joyful time. A kind of a newly formed Family Reunion, with a wedding in the middle.



If you could have a dream event there what would the over-all theme be and what type of event? 


We’ve always like to someday plan and host a type of casual summer music festival with multiple entertainment plus local art ‘n’ craft vendors, inside and out, for our guests to troll amongst through the day and into early evening. We long to share the beauty and specialty that Meadow Creek brings to all who seek a true mountain sanctuary.