Todd and Laura2-2With Valentine’s Day here I find myself looking at the great couples I am surrounded by; many of my friends just beginning new relationships, young marriages, and a few older folks I know that have stood the test of time. However, very few people that I know can comfortably maintain both an every-day relationship and work (not to mention run and own a busy business) together. After working with Serendipity for a few years, it has been easy to see that owners Laura and Chef Todd clearly know what they are doing–both in marriage and in running a successful catering business.


Laura and Todd felt confident enough early on in their relationship to be able to work together–in fact, Laura asked Todd to manage her self-owned Laura’s Mountain Bakery in Nederland, CO. Todd left his restaurant job in Boulder and they began their working career together. The great success of Laura’s Mountain Bakery was due to their effortless partnership, and that eventually evolved into Serendipity. I asked them a few fun questions about each other and what makes a true partnership work–at work.



Serendipity seems to run so smoothly because you each bring such strong traits to the table.  What does your partner bring to this company to keep it so amazing? 


Laura: Todd is a natural athlete; he brings that stamina, motivation and drive to Serendipity.


Todd: I love that it is something that we share.  To see where it is now compared to when we first started is really exciting.  We make a very good team.



Were you initially nervous about starting to open a business together?  Nederland_bridge


Laura: I don’t think we gave it a second thought, believe it or not.  We naturally formed a great relationship at the bakery and that just carried forward into Serendipity.


Todd: That definitely was never a consideration for me.  What an amazing opportunity to be able to be a partner at work with an amazing, driven business person who just happens to be your best friend.



Best part about working together? 


Laura: The fun. I get to be with the person that makes me laugh the most, all day.


Todd: We work so well together.  I know that we can pick each other up if need be.  We contribute to each others goals.  She does everything so well.  She is an amazing teammate.



Most memorable meal together was….  


Laura: A meal in Beaune, France. We had just arrived after going to Oktoberfest in Munich and we were still without Todd’s luggage (the airline had lost his main bag). We had to shop for an appropriate outfit for dinner, and in this town, a t-shirt was $200. The airline later reimbursed us, thankfully!


We ate a 9-course chef’s tasting menu with wines paired with each section.  It was pure heaven.  This is where and when my go to aperitif became the Kir Royale.


Todd: (Todd had the same answer as Laura, so I took his next answer.) Lausanne, Switzerland.  We went to the farmers market and bought a few types of cured meats and cheese and made simple, delicious sandwiches. We watched all of the people walking by the lake and then headed to Lauterbrunnen….another favorite….



If we weren’t running Serendipity we’d be…. 


LausanneLaura: Traveling.


Todd: Doing something else wishing that I was running a catering company with my wife… or creating something else together.  I can’t imagine working for or with anyone else.  If it wasn’t creating amazing food, it would be creating something else that people love.


Five words to describe each other…


Laura: Funny, silly, kind, smart and the most loyal friend anyone could ever have (that last one took up more words, sorry).


Todd: Smart, beautiful, hardworking, fun, motivating.imagejpeg_0



So there you have you have it!  Serendipity’s success is based not only on their incredible crew and their commitment to great food and top-notch service, but also on a couple and their passion for each other and their work .  Do you have a favorite couple-owned business, or are you a part of one?  If so, we’d love to hear from you about what makes it work.  Please comment below, or post on our Facebook page– share the love for Valentine’s Day!