With the laid-back attitude lingering for the last few days of summer, many of us have not put too much thought into what to do with the long weekend, let alone, plan a party. For those of us who have decided not to brave the over-crowded mountains over Labor Day Weekend, we have you covered with easy last minute ideas that will appear as though you spent all summer thinking of it! Go head, invite your family, friends, and neighbors over—we can help make your Labor Day celebrations as easy as a slow summer afternoon…water-balloon drink bucket




No-Labor Labor Day Decorations


It is the last (unofficial) weekend of summer. All your guests (and you) probably want is to sit outside and enjoy the last days of the season– do not spend more time, or money than you need on decorations. Re-use any patriotic decorations left over from Memorial Day or The 4th of July; for end-of-summer flare add late summer flowers like sunflowers or pincushions to patriotic vases for centerpieces.


No summertime vases? Freeze filled colorful water ballons and place in small buckets with canned beers, and sodas. Guests can serve themselves and you have a summery centerpiece! Or simply place bowls of fresh summer fruit like peaches, plums, or cherries.




No Fuss-Foods (That Seem Fancy)


Going above and beyond is not what the holiday is about, so look for bright summer flavors that do not need much effort. Try a simple grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, or put together a fajitaSteak chimmichurri bar with spicy grilled chicken and shrimp and fresh garden salsa. If your budget allows, serve grilled lamb with rosemary for a carnivores delight, or for a more basic, yet still impressive dish, up your burger game with Gorgonzola bacon burgers, or burgers with Greek yogurt and cilantro.


Side dishes should sing summer, featuring the seasons best corn, summer squash, ’slaws with summer veggies, snap peas, and tomatoes. Top all side dishes off with fresh summer herbs.


Labor Day Weekend sweets are best served cold! Serve homemade popsicles, ice cream topped with Granitagrilled peaches, or fresh summer granitas (we promise these are easy to make, and fancy to look to at!) If there is no time make any of the above, simply slice summer berries and top with whipped cream and lemon zest– these are flavors you do not get year-round!











Cold Beverages for the Long Hot Weekend 


Like the rest of the theme of the menu, the beverages should be all about summer. For casual occasions, like Labor Day parties tend to be, we like serving make-ahead big batcshandyh cocktails like Meyer lemon whiskey sours, (we particularly like these because both men and women alike enjoy them!), blueberry sangria, rhubarb punch, or the trendy and refreshing summer beer cocktail, lemon shandy.


If cocktails seem too high maintenance for the laid-back weekend, serve summer’s favorite wine, rosé; for a fun summery touch add blueberries to the pinky bubbles. And always have plenty of light (preferably local) summer brews on-hand—don’t forget the ice!



Have a fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!