Sadly, this weekend marks the unofficial end to summer; at least it is a long weekend, and that means more time to celebrate summer for the last few days we have it!  From hosting your summer BBQ, to exploring the town or the mountains, we have you covered this Labor Day Weekend.



One Last Summer Shindig


mason-jar-drinksLabor Day Weekend is all about relaxing and taking it easy in the last of the long summer days.  With that in mind, keep your gathering simple and easy.  From easy decorations to fun and unique BBQ foods, a Labor Day party can be festive and different.  For uncomplicated foods try hosting a cook-ahead summer appetizer party.  Serve light finger foods such as Caprese salad skewers, fresh guacamole, deviled eggs, mini Thai wraps, and melon kabobs.  Dessert can be as simple at store-bought Popsicles or individual sorbets. Summer drinks are must for a Labor Day party!  Cocktails of summer include mojiots, margaritas, or the always-easy gin and tonic.  Make a summery drink bucket by making drinks before hand and put in individual Mason jars.  Place the jars in an ice bucket and let guests serve themselves! Put a new twist on these cocktails with one the fun recipes we found:

The Best Mojtos

7 Best Margarita Recipes

Gin & Tonic Variations



Enjoy the Outdoors


14_photo1All over the state there are fun actives going on.  From day trips to drive-worthy events, there is something going on for almost anyone to enjoy.  Take a quick drive to Colorado Springs for the annual Colorado Balloon Classic to watch hot air balloons, enjoy the fair, or for anyone not afraid of heights, have a hot air balloon ride!  For music lovers, drive a little farther for Vail Jazz festival where there will be all day performances, great food, and art. If you’d like to try to get away from the crowds this weekend, enjoy a bike ride or hike on a Colorado trail, don’t forget your picnic! Or try a guided river rafting or horse riding adventure.

Other Statewide Events:

Steamboat Springs: Wild West Air Fest

Breckenridge: Summit Foundation Great Rubber Duck Races

Copper: Copper Country Festival



Stay in the City


In Denver there are enough actives to keep everyone busy!  The Taste of Colorado is always a city favorite.   For game attendees and tailgaters to Taste of Colorado the famous state college football rivals big CU and CSU game, try anything ready to serve like a beer cheese spread with crostini’s, mini muffaletta sandwiches, and late summer veggies with dip.  Since the game is between two in-state schools, keep the beer local!  For a quieter day, head to the Botanic Gardens where there will be a sculptors exhibition of twelve local artists.  After a walk through the gardens, invite friends over for a garden tea party!  Serve mini quiches, summer salads and fruit, and petit fours.  Cheers to the last days of summer with pink rosé!