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The Industry Café by Serendipity Catering specializes in made-from-scratch pastries, our famous Iced-Coffeefresh salads, unique sandwiches–and no café would be complete without finely-crafted espresso
drinks.  The Industry Café sits comfortably in the Industry building in the quickly growing RiNo district.  (At this time, only tenants can frequent the café.) We are excited to bring our signature gourmet breakfast and lunch fare to this growing hub of businesses, artists, and community networks.


Serendipity staff member, Ian, is manning the reins of this new endeavor as a master barista and coffee connoisseur, he is a creative guy with roots in physical and astrochemistry.  Ian has a healthy appetite for learning and questioning the world at large.  We hit him with a few questions:



Tell me a little bit about your barista history.


Bakes Criss The first coffee job that I held was at Starbucks, which let me appreciate the finer points of the second largest commodity in the world (after oil), and the urgency of prompt and courteous service. I then moved into the craft coffee industry where I apprenticed under several giants in the industry, at different shops, in order to hone my craft (Back in the day, you wouldn’t be allowed to make drinks for customers on the machine until you had been vetted and completed a training regimen spanning several months – much has changed since then). We covered everything from terroir, agriculture, harvesting, processing, import/export, roasting, and finally – preparation and presentation. I have since, held positions of head and master barista at different shops around Colorado, which has been quickly growing as a powerhouse in the US coffee industry.



When did you discover your love of espresso/coffee? 


I spent some of my formative years living in France, where I discovered my love of the simple “café” – a dark and somewhat bitter double shot, and the “café noisette” – espresso with a dash of cream. It started as a means to an end, in order to stay awake during class, and evolved into a love story with this finicky mistress.


The coffee industry is huge now!  Why do you suppose it has gotten and stayed so popular?


The coffee shrub’s varietals and cultivars have high levels of naturally occurring caffeine, as compared to other plants, and is an integral part of our modern day society, especially with the advent of global connectivity. [Ex: Say you’re a business person and you have a conference call with Shanghai at 4PM (2AM MST), how do you keep your mind alert?]. Giving a nod to such cafes as Ritual Coffee, it truly has become a socially accepted norm, which people truly do take to a ritualistic level.


What are you most excited about in the Industry Café by Serendipity Catering? 


I am most excited about the opportunity for growth, creativity, and to impart the knowledge and passion that I have gathered over the years to others.


Anything different we will see from our trained baristas that may not been seen elsewhere? 


After being trained and tested, Serendipity baristas will employ exacting quality standards, which will put them in the top percentile of craft espresso preparation, presentation, and service.


Five words to describe yourself.

Friendly, Creative, Surly, Honest, and (always) Hungry.



Capp Art The best caffeinated drinks for the following-


A rainy day: English Breakfast tea with steamed milk and honey

A hot day: Iced, dirty (this means with an added shot of espresso) Almond Milk Chai latte

An afternoon pick-me-up: 6oz Kyoto-style cold brew coffee on ice.

The morning after a late night: 16oz glass of tap water + EmergenC with a sidecar double espresso

An everyday solid standard: Cortado.