Every year Pantone Color Institute names a color trend to look for–in 2015 that color is Marsala.  Marsala is deep and mysterious and gets it inspiration from the famous Italian fortified wine.  It is a color that embodies grounding and yet, still remains romantic, and slightly dramatic.  The color can be flattering for both men and women and is expected to be seen in design, on the runway, in florals, weddings, and, of course, will make an appearance at events in 2015.



Marsala Bouquet The earthy color of Marsala may be associated with warm winter colors and yes, it is true that the color does pair well with deep tans, dark greens, rusty golds, and yellow-gold for colder month events.  However, when the color is paired with blushes, bright yellows, and peachy oranges, Marsala can really shine too.  For easy dramatic winter centerpieces, pair Marsala hued flowers like orchids, roses, or peonies in gold, or clear vases.  Tie burgundy, or deep aubergine colored ribbons around vases for an added dramatic touch.


For spring and summer, rather than focusing on Marsala alone, add bright colors to compliment and make lighter colors pop!  Marsala is an ideal base color for summery warmer tones, like orange, yellow, or coral; or cool tones like blue and purple.  Add touches of Marsala to spring and summer floral centerpieces to anchor lighter colors and make them shine.  We love the romantic feeling of blushes with deep Marsala, and the exotic feeling of Marsala with purples and softer blues, like hydrangeas.  For an any-season centerpiece, and simple DIY, spray paint mason jars, or other clear glassware in shades of Marsala and fill with off-white flowers, tie with a neutral, or bright color ribbon.




marsala-wedding-earringsLuckily for most us, the trending color is flattering on most skin tones and works well for both men and women alike.  The sophisticated color works well for dresses, ties, socks, bowties, handkerchiefs, purses, and bridesmaids for any season of wedding.  The color can also be a surprising addition to a bride’s gown with a waste ribbon, shoes, or sparking and mysterious Marsala jewels.  Marsala looks bold and feminine with any shade of pink, and adds masculine detail to dark chocolate browns and deep charcoal gray. Many make-up tones come in complimentary Marsala hues and nothing is easier than a swipe of lipstick to include the Marsala theme.





Other Touches

Marsala Macaroons One of the easiest ways to incorporate color is through stationary.  Adding pops of Marsala on details like invites, printed menus, and name cards can give an instant classy touch. Give linens like napkins and table runners a Marsala make-over, or simply tied ribbons on the back of dinning chairs as a no-fuss way to include the color.  For sit down dinners look for Marsala plate chargers.  Since the color is influenced from the wine Marsala, why not include the wine itself on the drink menu?  Or perhaps consider serving foods that include the wine (while they may not be the exact color, the foods tie into the over-all theme.)  Aside from the well-know chicken Marsala, vegetables braised in Marsala, or sweet fruits like poached pears in Marsala may pick up a bit of color to carry over into the over-all scheme.  Desserts are the easiest foods to include the earthy red, such as a deep colored red velvet cake, red macaroons, cupcakes, or a wedding cake with earthy red flowers.


Cheers to the 2015 color of the year, Marsala!