ice-cream- 3 conesAmerica’s favorite cool dessert of all-time is easily ice cream. The sweet creamy treat has been a long-time staple of summer. July is National Ice Cream month, so we wanted to explore more about ice cream: just where did it begin, how many scoops do we really eat, and besides cones, what else can we make with ice cream?








Sweet Beginnings

strawberry-ice-cream-sandwiches_slideshow_imageOne of the oldest produced foods in the world, ice cream began in ancient China where flavored ices were created as early as 3000 BC. When Marco Polo visited China he was impressed with the creation and brought the idea back to Italy. The Italians began perfecting the chilly concoctions with native fruits and adding cream or milk, and eggs. The dessert soon became fashionable among Europe’s elite. Ice cream was imported to the U.S. in the 1700s where its popularity continued to grow. In fact, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known to serve the dessert to their guests. In 1776, New York city was home to the first ice cream parlor selling “iced cream” shortly after, the name was shortened to ice cream.






Fun Twists

Today the average American consumes 48 pints of ice cream per year and 90% of American Crackerjack Ice Creamhouseholds eat ice cream year-round. The treat has become a household staple, the most popular flavors being, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and cookies n’ cream.


Up until the 1900s ice cream was simply enjoyed in a dish. Ice cream cones were not invented until 1904, during the World’s Fair in St. Louis, when demand forced an ice cream vendor to find help from a nearby waffle vendor when he ran out of cups. Soon, the waffle ice cream cone was as common as ice cream itself. While we have absolutley nothing against a cold cone on a hot day, we wanted to find other ways to enjoy ice cream, aside from the norm:


Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

Boozy Ice Cream Floats

Interesting Ice Cream Toppings

Ice Cream, Granita, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Semifreddo

Totally Indulgent Ice Cream Cake Recipes

Easy Homemade Ice Cream



mini-ice-cream-floatSummer Event Tip: Serendipity loves to experiment with ice cream for events! For a summer event, try serving miniature root beer floats made with a Milk Stout Beer, set up a make-your-own sundae bar with unusual toppings such as candied bacon or habanero pineapple chutney, or serve a variety of cookies and ice creams for guests to mix and match their own ice cream sandwiches. Guests will appreciate your cool, refreshing take on the summer favorite!