This Sunday marks the end of awards season with the “Superbowl” of celebrity honors, the Oscars.  The Academy Awards evening is something movie buffs, celebrity followers, and the stars themselves, look forward to the most each year.  The drama, the glitz and glam of Hollywood, and the uber-talented people that fill the room, can all be replicated in your very own home for Oscar night!



Setting the Scene

Oscar BallotRoll out a red carpet! Ask your guests to arrive in Hollywood worthy attire and greet them as stars, taking their pictures as they arrive, asking who they are wearing and what they are most looking forward to during the evening. Guests not into dressing up for the big night? Dress down with a no-fuss dress code pajamas and pearls party. Have your guests fill out their ballots as they get settled so everyone can follow along with their favorites as the awards start.  Tie black, silver, and gold balloons around your viewing area anchored with film reels, or weighted sparkled handbags.  Decorate with clapboards with nominated movie names written on them and look for Oscar and movie star cut outs (All of these can be found a party store.)  If you do not have access to a red carpet, use a red tablecloth, or red napkins. Use gold plates and plastic ware.

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A Menu Made for the Stars

To keep things simple and the focus on the awards themselves, serve foods that you have at the movies: popcorn, over-sOscars Party ized boxes of candy, tuxedo hot dogs, and small pizzas.  Instead of just regular popcorn, try a popcorn bar and serve individual portions in champagne flutes lined with sliver and gold paper. If you’d like to kick it up a notch from typical movie theater food, serve foods inspired by this year’s Best Movie nominees.  For example, light beers for Nebraska, a bowl of olives for The Wolf of Wall Street, small bowls of clam chowder for Captain Phillips, mini meatballs for American Hustle, and astronaut ice cream to represent Gravity.

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Glam Goodies

Oscar-CookiesThe Academy Awards gift bags are notorious for being over the top and a touch absurd, with anything from fine jewelry, the latest technology gadgets, vouchers for plastic surgery procedures, the finest packaged foods, wine and bubbles, and luxury vacations. Of course, having gift bags of this kind is out of reach for us non-celebs, but it is possible make a fun play on the celebrity gift bag.  Send your guests home with creative movie star-like swag such as mini bottles of champagne, these Oscar statue cookies  (can also double as a centerpiece), plastic pearl necklaces and jeweled rings, and gift cards for the movies.

Crafty Oscar Party Swag


May your favorite celebrities and movies win!