The holiday season brings parties of all shapes and sizes. This year, make your party standout from the typical evening soiree, and host a holiday brunch! If your guest list is large, small, or just includes your family after an intense round of opening gifts, we have ideas to make a holiday brunch worth waiting a year for.



Relax–its Brunch!


Brunch00964512Brunch at home can be a more relaxed meal than others, so make sure that you will also be able to enjoy yourself. Simple steps like preparing foods that can be made the night before and getting out all pots and pans you will need, chop fruits and vegetables, setting the table, and getting coffee ready to brew will help tremendously with your bleary-eyed morning hustle.

“Home for Holidays” Brunch Ideas and Timeline





Sweet & Savory Starts


One of the best parts about brunch is not having to choose between our savory side or sweet tooth. With the right recipes, a holiday brunch can waffles- holidayplease every palate. Make sweet recipes like French toast, pancakes, and waffles festive by adding spices of the season such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom. You can also include holiday fruit flavors like citrus, cranberry, apple, and pomegranate as toppings or in mixes. For a richer effect, consider adding chocolate, espresso, or eggnog. For savory recipes add herbs like sage, thyme, and rosemary to egg and potato dishes. Or substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes and add other winter veggies like Brussels sprouts or winter squash. Serve light sides like a seasonal citrus fruit salad, or a green salad with apples and pecans.
Holiday Brunch for 8

Simple Holiday Brunch Recipes




Festive Brunch Drinks


Pom- MimosaHoliday brunch typically follows a later night filled with a few (perhaps too many?) jovial cocktails. Keep your brunch drinks light and have options for those who choose to skip the libations. A classic mimosa, or holiday pomegranate mimosa are easy for brunch cocktails. We also like this Rudolph’s tipsy sprizter for serving a crowd. A Christmas morning would not be complete without coffee and hot chocolate! Allow everyone to flavor their own with additions like Kahlua, Irish Cream, hazelnut syrup, cinnamon spice, and peppermint sticks for extra cheerful morning drinks.

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