What a great time of year! Some days are certainly going to be chilly and rainy, but you can bet some Indian summer days are ahead of us, too.  Fall is a distinct season with its own unique features that we love so much; how about throwing a party to celebrate? While there are no official holidays to observe until the end of October when the Halloween frenzy hits, we say find a reason to celebrate the season change and have a harvest party!



Showcase the Season’s Bounty

A harvest party is all about honoring the beginning of fall and the season’s bounty. In ideal weather, host your party outdoors. Use bales of hay glitterpumpkinswith blankets for seating and place winter gourds, apple, pears, dried ears of corn, and pumpkins throughout the space. Save the carving for Halloween and decorate pumpkins and other gourds with colorful spray paint and if you’d like a little bling, add glitter too! For more formal arrangements, use a pumpkin as a flower vase.  Look for natural elements such as tree stumps, or timber rounds to serve foods and drinks on.

Throw a Fall Harvest Party

Trick Out Your Fall Table




Celebrate with Activities

A harvest party should be all about welcoming the fall season. Include as many outdoor activities as your space allows by setting upsqaush bowling mini-game stations fit for both kids and adults. Quintessential fall games like bobbing for apples or potato sack races are sure to entertain. Play ring toss with large pumpkins, catching the rings on the pumpkin stems. Ask your guests to donate clothes, hats, and wigs for a  make-your-own-scarecrow  station, with hay for stuffing. Arrange a leaf race by blowing leaves across a table with straws. Or our favorite harvest game: pumpkin bowling! Use butternut squashes  as pins and medium sized pumpkins for bowling balls.







Fall Festive Food & Drinks

Keep all food and drinks in the autumn realm. Pass out mugs of apple cider, or hot buttered rums for a warm pick-me-up. For beer drinkers, crab+apple+hand+pies+12serve a seasonal pumpkin beer, like the local Imperial Pumpkin from Dry Dock Brewing. Casual fall foods are best to serve the crowd. Ask your guests to bring their favorite autumn dish. Or serve recipes that are spiced, warm, and easy for a party of all ages, like butternut squash soup served with brie and apple grilled cheeses; or make a fall vegetable lasagna the day before to re-heat and serve with a carrot and apple salad. Since there is a long season of pumpkin-everything-desserts ahead of us look to other seasonal sweets to satisfy everyone’s fall cravings, cider doughnuts, gingerbread, apple hand pies, or caramel pecan bars. If you have the room, arrange a buffet table for a make-your-own caramel apple bar.


40 Recipes for Fall Harvest Season




What is your favorite part of welcoming fall? We’d love to hear from you!