No other holiday brings out our inner kid like Halloween!  Costumes, carved pumpkins, and candy are truly all you need to make the holiday complete.  But we like to take it a Serendipity-step further with a few more screamingly good ideas.


Set a Spooky Scene

Bug Bouqet Think beyond the typical Jack O’Lantern with a more grown-up design: a pumpkin can illuminate a room as a centerpiece, or make your front porch shine.  We like these printable patterns–simply print, trace and carve!   If your knife skills are not up to par for carving, try to paint, glitter, or add festive stickers to your pumpkins.  This works well for pumpkins that will stay indoors and can add an elegant, whimsical touch (you can even use these techniques for Thanksgiving decorating).  In addition to the quintessential Halloween Pumpkin, put summer’s tomato cages to good use, and make them into these easy to create ghosts.   Or buy red or white roses and make a pretty, and slightly unsettling bouquet, by simply gluing on vinyl bugs and critters.


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Frightening Fare


Have your guests screaming with delight with playfully presented finger foods.  Serve mini pot pies in ramekins; use Halloween cookie cutters to Pumpkin Pot Piecut the crust into festive shapes.  Store bought pizza dough can make a variety of spooky delights, such as a spider bread bowl, snake bread twists, or pigs in a blanket shaped like toes.  Roll soft cheese, such as chevre in fresh herbs and call it a “moldy” cheese plate.  Use the inside of a small pumpkin, or another winter squash to serve a warm dip.

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Aside from packaged candy, hand your guests something silly and sweet.  The seasonal favorite candy apple can be decorated with Halloween colors, sprinkles, and designs.  If there are kids attending your party, allow them to make their own with a candy apple bar.   Other mischievous treats to leave your guests in stitches are chocolate mice, spider cupcakes, monster marshmallow heads, or a large graveyard cake.

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Creepy Cocktails

eyeball martinis Daring drinks are in order for any Halloween party.  Use test tubes from an art supply store to serve drinks like blood orange drinks, or bloody Mary’s.  Serve eye ball, or  vampire blood martinis, or for a serve-yourself punch, this shrunken heads cider is sure to be a new Halloween frightful favorite.  A witches brew, served in a hallowed pumpkin as a cauldron with dry ice makes a dramatic presentation. Bring out the kid in everyone with a milkshake-like liquefied ghost cocktail.  For really easy touches without having to make too much of an effort, simply rim cocktail glasses with orange or black sugar to make any drink part of the party.

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We hope you have a wickedly good Halloween this year!