Next Sunday, June 16th, is a day to celebrate the silliest, strongest, bravest, hardest working, and kindest men we know– our dads!  To make dad really feel the love this year, consider celebrating the day with any of these Serendipity suggestions that will fit each unique dad:



10-Father-s-Day-BBQ-Recipes-mdnOld-School Guys

If your dad is the type who doesn’t stray too far from the macho norm, that certainly doesn’t mean he wouldn’t appreciate a somewhat sentimental celebration.  Stick with a traditional BBQ, serving up his favorite grilled meats and frosty cold beer.  Keep the crowd lively with a mini ballgame in the back yard, let dad chose his position, or be the ump!  For the guys-guys gifts ideas, look for a snazzy tool or grill set and have them engraved.  Find a blueprint of his favorite ballpark, or score tickets to his favorite sports team, or fly fishing lessons.


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Hipster Daddies

manhattan-cocktailThe guy you are celebrating would rather spend the evening relaxing at home finding the latest cult band on Spotify; we have ideas that are hip enough for today’s cools dads too.  Spend the evening at home with dad and kids serving local beers or make a manly classic cocktails, like a Manhattan.  For fun, have everyone in the family sketch his or her best interpretative picture of the man of the hour (have them framed later). Serve up local farmers market fare, and don’t forget to have an amazing play list!  Great gifts for these current guys are vintage records of his favorite band, high definition headphones, re-proposed artwork, a messenger bag, the newest technologic gadgets, or a micro-brew of the month club.


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Yampa_River_RaftingFit Dad

Dads these days are fitter than ever and in Colorado, it is not uncommon to see families exercising and being active together.  If your dad is the ringleader of these wild family outings, plan a day of adventure that the whole family can get in on.  Surprise him with a day of rafting followed up by a family picnic in the Rockies.  Plan a bike ride or hike along his favorite trail, or a family night of camping.  Dads who are always on the go would love, a GPS sport watch, a map with unknown biking trails, a gym membership, personalized protein bars,  or the latest camping gear.


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