This Sunday we celebrate dads.  We often think of fisherman, golfers, outdoorsmen, grillers, and the solid rock in many of our families. Serendipity loves to throw a party of any size, and to show dad a token of true appreciation we have a few suggestions for dad’s favorites.



When selecting a steak, talk to your grocer’s butcher.  Most of the time steak bought from the butcher is of a higher quality then the pre-packaged meat.  The highest-grade meat is prime, then choice, and finally select.  Prime is best to buy when having steak, choice and select are better for cooking dishes such as fajita’s or Philly sandwiches. Steak should also feel firm to the touch.  Stay away from meat that is grayish–you want a dark cherry color. Look for marbling–that’s the fat running through the meat and fat equals flavor!

Experts recommend seasoning with salt and pepper about fifteen minutes before you place the steak on the grill.  This allows the salt a chance to be absorbed.  1 ½ inch thick steaks will take about 9-12 minutes each side for a medium rare result.  After your steak is done, let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes to allow the juices to redistribute—we know this is hard, but it is well worth the wait for a juicy tender steak!


We love living in Colorado because of all the wonderful local beer selections!  A Colorado porter such as O’Dell’s Cutthroat has a dark roasted character that can stand up to a smoky steak.  Another heavy hitter is Great Divide’s Claymore Scotch Ale, a little lighter than a typical stout, with a roasted caramel flavor.  If dad prefers a lighter brew, New Belgium’s Abbey Belgian Ale has dark fruit flavors that can cut through the fattiness of steak–don’t let the light color of this fool you, it has amazing flavor!



The Table

Dads don’t need large pretty flowers or candles to dress up their dining tables so keep it simple, earthy, and masculine.  Use old handkerchiefs as napkins, cut single flowers or large wild grasses from the garden and place them in beer bottles gathered in the center of the table.  Most of the time dads are happy with who is sitting at table not is what is at table!