The time has finally arrived when we have the excuse to hunker down in front of the television for hours, eat great snacks and socialize with friends, while cheering (or possibly yelling at) our favorite team. Make your football Sunday, or Monday night, score big with any of these winning ideas for the whole game.



Kick Off Snacks

Stuffed Mushrroms It is always best to sit down for kick off, and if you can help it, to not get up again until half time! In order to achieve this, have all snacks prepped and placed on the coffee table before the game starts. Gauc, salsa, nuts, and wings are all easy to prep before game-time. But, typically, by mid-season we tire of the traditional game-time chips and dips.  When you are looking for something new, serve foods that are interesting, yet still low- maintenance, like sweet and sour mini meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, kimchi fritters, perogies with sour cream dipping sauce, or store bought samosas. Having a different variety of snacks for each time will keep your taste buds as interested as you are in the game.


30 Recipes for Football Season Snacks



Slow Cooked (and Ready) for Half Time

crockpot-braised-short-ribsFootball Sunday is nothing without great food.  However, we do not want to leave the television for an extended period during game time. This is when employing a slow-cooker makes excellent sense, as the slow cooker gives maximum flavor with minimum effort–a culinary touchdown! Start slow cooking on Saturday afternoon, or early Sunday and have a completed dish ready by kickoff.  Hearty, masculine fall flavors like stews and chilis are perfect for football grub.  For more slow-cooked fare, try pulled pork sandwiches with cabbage slaw, potato bacon soup with grilled cheeses, short ribs with root vegetable, brisket and baked beans, green chili with quesadillas, or slow cooked tacos.


30 Crock Pot Football Sunday Recipes



4th Quarter Desserts

football cookiesBy game’s end we often need a sugar kick to keep up our energy for cheering.  Bite size sweets seem to work best, as many of us are sacked from game grubbing. Mini brownies, blondies, football cupcakes, and cake pops are all great end-of-game treats.  For other sweets to keep your crowd in the huddle, try mini cheesecakes dyed in your team colors with a few drops of food coloring, chocolate strawberries shaped like footballs, whoppie pies, or S’more batter brownie dip.


50 Sweet Football Treats


Now that we have made the call on football foods, we need to get full coverage on drinks!  Look for an upcoming Serendipity blog all about game day beverages.