Fall applesApples are one of the foods with which most of us have some sort of sentimental memory: grandma’s apple pies, hot apple cider, an afternoon spent apple picking, candied apples, or homemade applesauce.  Apples can be a great reminder of fall and also some of the best food memories. This fall, make new memories with America’s favorite nostalgic fruit.


Fall Varieties

Fall is the apple’s season to shine, and with over 7,500 varieties worldwide (that’s enough to eat a different kind of apple every day for more than 19 years!), it can be daunting to choose the right apple for culinary uses, or the best one for a healthful snack.  In the fall, we typically find a few more varieties in our stores than we do the rest of year, and we have created a quick guide to help you navigate anything apple.


Honey Crisp – This is the apple that will make non-fruit eaters cross over.  The large, firm apples are ideal for lunch boxes and snacks.  They arebaked-apples juicy, sweet, non-mealy, and slightly tart.  Not the best for cooking, but a great addition to salads and cheese plates.

Slow Baked Honey Crisp Apples


Granny Smith – The green queen of apples, Granny Smiths are the tartest of the apple bunch. These apples are great for savory dishes as the tartness cooks into mild sweetness, great with cooked onions, and meats like pork. As a plus, the green skin gives an aesthetically Rice Pudding Apple Carmel pleasing look.

Sweet Potato and Granny Smith Apple Salad


Braeburn – This is a versatile apple that is great for snacks, and cooking or baking.  The Braeburns are sweet and slightly tart, lending a mild apple flavor to cooked dishes.  They also have a smooth texture, and tend not to have the “mealy” feel that other apples often do.

Crispy Breaburn and Almond Sheet Tart 


Gala – This apple is not only delicious, but with its beautiful autumn coloring, a bowl full of these beauties, along with a few pine cones, makes for an easy fall centerpiece too!  This apple is a kid favorite, as it tends to be a little sweeter. It is also a good firm-cooking apple.

Rice Pudding with Carmel Gala Apples


Cortland – This apple has a creamy texture with a strong sweetness and tart aftertaste. It is a softer apple, making it better for cooking and apple-pie-111baking than snacking.

Classic Apple Pie


Fuji – This variety come to us from Japan.  It has an intense sweetness and crisp texture, perfect for snacking, salads, or an addition to a fall cheese plate. This apple is not the best for cooking or baking.

Goat Cheese and Fuji Apple Salad