Often what sets good parties apart from great parties is the overall ambiance. Sometimes people think that adding these special tDecorated Drink Cups ouches isn’t worth the extra money, or might be too expensive to achieve, but we assure you, a few personalized choice additions can really make your event a memorable one.  As a plus, your friends and guests will think you are a party genius!


The simplest place to start dressing up is dining ware.  For casual parties, buy plates, napkins, and utensils that match your color palette. If you would like venture away from solid colors, use fun patterned napkins.  Buy paper cups and decorate with scrapbook stickers, (usually staying with one sticker design works best.)  For example, if it is a baby shower, adhere bassinet designs.






Centerpieces can add a wow-factor to any party. No need to hire florists or spend a lot of money to make a great centerpiece.  One of the easiest and most joyful centerpieces we see are large clear vases filled with seasonal fruit and water- this is so easy and looks great, no flowers required!  For the more ambitious, use food as vases: cut and scoop out insides of hard fruits and vegetables–melons, apples, and winter squashes work well–fill with a small arrangement of flowers.  Look to other items such as candy, leaves, rocks, twigs, herbs, and floating candles and get creative!  Place in clear vases, vintage bowls, or spray paint fun colors.

 5-Minute Centerpiece Ideas for any Occasion

17 Easy Centerpieces




Chalkboard Wedding

Since many events at home are casual, we almost never see menus at each place setting.  Instead of having to repeat each guest’s question, “What is on the menu tonight?”  We recommended labeling the food items by printing them out colorful labels and taping them on toothpicks to stick in the dishes.  Or, handwrite the menu on a medium size chalkboard and easel right next where the food is served.  This is helpful for folks with dietary restrictions and serves as a thoughtful décor touch.









Mojito Station Drink stations can easily serve as part of the design too. Use clear beverage dispensers to display signature drinks and add seasonal fruits and herbs. Have the drinks match the color scheme of the party. Display any drink garnishes, straws, or cocktail napkins in colorful dishes and cups.


Set the Bar: Creative Food and Drink Station Ideas








The most easily decorated and showcased food of any party is always the dessert!  Highlight a dessert display incorporating fun elements going dessert-tablewith your theme.   Starting with a centerpiece, such as a large cake, cupcake display, or pie, display on a tall-tiered cake stand.  Build the display out from the tallest piece; adding matching flowers in small vases, bowls of colorful candy, mini desserts, and fruits.  A well-decorated dessert table is the best way to leave your guests with sweet memories!