Summers in Colorado can be hot and dry.  Aside from taking a dip in a cool pool at the end of day, nothing helps us chill out better than a refreshing summer drink (alcohol is optional.)   Of course, summer standards like lemonade, ice tea, and water are great go-to’s to beat the heat, but we found a few others that just might quench your summer thirst:


A New Twist on Classic Daytime Favorites


Lavender LemonadeWe all love a cold glass of ice water on a hot summer afternoon.  What about changing up your water? Yes, you can flavor your own water without the funny chemicals found in flavored bottled aqua.  Fill a pitcher full of water and add about a cup and a half full of anything from sliced berries, citrus, ginger, pineapple, apples, or cucumbers, then add a hand full of one or two herbs, like mint, fennel, rosemary, basil, lavender, or thyme.  Allow the water to chill overnight and viola!, you have your own delicious easy to make water and all summer to experiment and find your favorite fruit and herb combo.  You can also try this same concept to flavor home brewed iced tea.  For lemonade try adding any of the above mentioned herbs, or fruit purees, watermelon and strawberry work well.  For the more adventurous, try this spiced lemonade.

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Summer Cocktails


There is nothing like relaxing on a patio on a warm summer evening with a cool drink in hand.  From a light vodka tonic to the dessert-like Paloma piñacolada, everyone has a favorite summer cocktail.  The summer cocktail of 2013 is predicted to be the grapefruit and tequila highlighted Paloma.  It is a great and lighter alternative to a margarita. To keep your cocktails bright, celebratory, and seasonal, look for drink recipes that include summer fruits and herbs. Unique sangria and mojito recipes are easy to find and almost always feature summer fruits:


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Unfortunately, for many men summer sipping can seem a little too frilly.  The summer classic mint julep is a great balance of summer fresh and strong masculine flavor.  For a dash of summer sweetness, add pureed blueberries or muddle chucks of pineapple.


A few other summer drinks to try:

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Enjoy summer sipping!