Summertime is all about frosty glasses full of refreshing fruit based beverages; colorful straws and cute garnishes, not optional, in our opinion. The change of seasons is here and we welcome fall as a time to be comforted and warmed with spices and deeper flavors. We found some excellent drinks to ease us into the new season: spicy, warm, and comforting, you’ll easily forget about missing summer swigs, and be hooked on these cozy sippers.



autumn-punchFall Fruity Cocktails

Who says fruity cocktails are only meant for frosty summer glasses and garnished with tiny umbrellas? Some of the best fruits of the year are at their peak in fall. Peaches, cherries, apples, rhubarb, and pears all hit their stride come September. While the peach, cherry, and rhubarb season is short-lived, cocktails like a smoky peach julep, sour cherry gin slings, or a rhubarb Collins, are best enjoyed early in the fall. Apples and pears have a longer season, lasting well into the winter months. Apple cocktail recipes are seemingly endless; we narrowed our favorites down to the maple bourbon cider (great for a small group), and autumn apple punch (perfect to serve a crowd). Pears pack a distinct flavor that is reminiscent of fall. Recipes like the pear haymaker, and or light pear brandy champagne cocktail are ideal for early fall evenings.


Pear and Apple Cocktails




Floating star martiniWhen cold weather arrives we find ourselves excitedly reaching for fall spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, star anise, allspice, clove, and ginger are more than welcome in our fall dishes, desserts, and drinks! Cocktails with fall spices are comforting yet unique, as we are accustomed to having them in our foods, more than our coattails. If this seems too adventurous for your classic cocktail taste buds, ease into spiced cocktails with a simple drink like a Crown Royal and ginger. A cinnamon noted autumn delight is a fall flavored with just four ingredients. For more spice-forward fall cocktails, try a bacon cherry creek, a PDT’s gingerbread man, and the floating star martini. Save the pumpkin lattes for morning and have a spiced, and sophisticated smashing pumpkin after dark.


Herbs and Spices in Cocktail Mixology





Warm & CozySpiced-Rum

While we are still in the hotter days fall, the cold days will be here before we know it! Cozy up to a warm fall cocktail on a chilly night, or afternoon. (Don’t worry we won’t judge.) Spike a traditional chai with bourbon, or enjoy an adult hot cider rum. A maple spice, or Earl Grey hot toddy is great way to melt into a cold day. For a sweet sip to end a cool fall evening meal, brew-up a cinnamon toast, or a boozy hot cocoa.


Top 5 Hot Cocktails