This Sunday is an exciting day for Coloradans and Denver Bronco fans everywhere—we have made it to Super Bowl XLVIII!  With help from Peyton Manning and friends we have had a great excuse to relax with friends by the television, serve great food, and cheer on the companionship team of the AFC West.  We want to help kick off your Super Bowl Sunday with these winning ideas.



Football DécorFootball Party

Make the scene fun and playful, with blue and orange, and football decorations- without going over-board, the focus should be on the game! Make a football field table runner with chalkboard contact paper (found at craft stores) and draw yard lines with white chalk. Leave the chalk on the table through the party, allowing your guests to strategize plays as the game goes on. Leave orange and blue pom poms by the television, and use the team colors for paper plates, napkins, and plastic ware– A Super Bowl party doesn’t call for real china!  Look for potted wheat grass at a local flower shop and set mini Broncos buttons, and footballs from a party supply store in each pot.  Have plenty of comfortable seating and make sure everyone can see the TV clearly!


Super Bowl Printables

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Football Food

seven-layer-dip-11The Super Bowl is as much about food as it is about football. When it comes to Super Bowl foods we want easy to eat, simple to prepare comfort foods. Stay with finger foods so guests can keep a hand free for cheering, or beverage holding!  Try to make everything ahead of time, so you don’t miss the game, or the anticipated commercials. As guests arrive, start with snacks in individual blue and orange cups from a local party store; like sweet kettle corn mixed with blue and orange M&M’s, spiced nuts, and vegetables with dip, or mini seven layer dips–this keeps everyone from lingering around the dip bowl and able to keep their eyes on the game! For another Bronco colored appetizer simply wrap cantaloupe with prosciutto and hold together with toothpick and blueberry on top. Once the game is underway, serve hot foods like these easy wings, sliders with blue and orange pendant toothpicks, or mini pizzas. Score a touchdown at half time and set up an interactive make-your-own table with foods like Denver Green chili, baked potatoes, or tacos, (make the meat the day before in a slow cooker and keep warm during the game); serve with various toppings and hot sauces for your crowd to choose from.  Bite-size desserts like football shaped chocolate strawberries, football, or helmet shaped cake pops, or whoopie pies with colored filling work best for fourth quarter sweets.


Delicious Super Bowl Party Snacks 

Super Bowl Desserts



First Down DrinksOrange Ginger Margs

Of course you will want to have plenty of beer on hand–more on that in Friday’s blog–but also offer a cocktail that goes with our team’s theme.  For celebratory non-beer options make a batch of Orange Ginger Margaritas, or the light in taste and alcohol Mile High Muddler.  If your fan club is more into beer than cocktails, kick up regular light lagers with spicy tomato juice, or be bold and try this Hellfire beer concoction.

 7 Big Batch Super Bowl Drinks to Upstage Cheap Beer


Have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday– Go Broncos!