Summer is flying by and the bigger holidays of the season (Memorial Day and 4th of July) are behind us.  Now what to celebrate in the warm months while we have them?  We may be land-locked in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a beach party along with our coastal friends.  Bring the beach to you and your friends will gladly follow!



Bring paradise to your home with traditional Hawaiian accents such as tiki torches, tropical flowers (real or artificial), dress tables in grass skirts, place sea-shells and conch shells randomly throughout the setting and string up outdoor lights.  Ask your guests to wear their best tropical attire and hand out leis as they walk in.  Bring your taste buds to the Islands–include food flavors like pineapple, papaya, mango, lime, and coconut. Pulled pork, grilled shrimp with pineapple are easy to make foods that crowds enjoy.  Drinks like piña coladas, tropical punch, or any of these festive tiki drinks will help your guests get in the relaxed tropical mood.  Don’t forget the mini drink umbrellas!

Tropical Luau Menu


A luau from a recent Serendipity event

A luau from a recent Serendipity event





Beach Party

A summer evening beach bonfire can be missed in Colorado, but it can be re-created! Use an outdoor fireplace or fire pit as the bonfire.  Cover Beach tablesettingtables in light blue cloth and set vases out with white sand, shells and votives, place seaweed randomly on the tables and scatter your yard with beach balls.  Use beach chairs, yard chairs, and picnic blankets for seating.  If you have room in your yard, arrange a game of “beach” volleyball.  When planning the menu, think of the easy foods you find from beach vendors, hot dogs, burgers, fish tacos, and popsicles.  Beverages should be as laid back as the menu, simply set out ice buckets full of light beers with lime wedges.

Beach Party Ideas








Original_ClambakeBring the luxurious feel of the New England beaches to you by designing a party fit for American royalty.  Cover tables in red and white-checkered cloths, setting out shells and starfish.  A traditional clambake is a large one-pot meal with potatoes, corn, littleneck clams, crab legs, sausage, and sometimes lobster, served with melted butter.  Leave out plenty of lobster crackers for guests to delve into their New England dishes and offer plastic bibs, as these buttery meals can get a bit messy. Place galvanized buckets on each table for guests to discard the cracked shells.  Serve a summer fruit cobbler  for dessert. For drinks, set up a Bloody Mary bar and serve lemonade, then sit back and relax the summer evening away in style!

 Summertime Clambake