With spring in full swing many of us are gearing up for the season with more meals, barbeques, and time spent outside.  With this Friday being the Colorado Rockies season home opener, we were inspired by the all-American summer sport and thought of few ways to batter up and incorporate a baseball theme into any spring or summer party.



Food and Décor

The baseball theme is one of the easiest themes we have featured yet!  The foods we associate with baseball games (hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, Baseball Hot Dogice cream, and beer) can also serve as the decoration by packaging the foods with ball game-friendly wrappers and boxes.  The other bonus about the theme is the food is affordable, leaving a little extra money for the packaging that will serve as part of your décor.  Grill hot dogs and hamburgers and wrap in foil, like at the game, set out a buffet station with chili, cheese, relish, mustards, and all the typical condiments you’d find at the stadium. Serve popcorn in red and white striped popcorn containers, place see through vases throughout your space with licorice and small bags of Cracker Jacks, or fill with sunflower seeds and peanuts. If you have baseball pennants, or any team memorabilia set them out!  Or you can really get your crowd cheering with old little league photos from your youth. For desserts, serve cotton candy or ice cream in mini team helmets.  If you’d like, make baseball cupcakes.  They are very easy to make, even for those of us who may not consider ourselves cake decorators.


Go Gourmet with Hot Dogs

New York Pretzels

Baked Carmel Corn





Baseball and BeerWhat is an afternoon of baseball without beer?  Easiest clean up is to buy a keg of light, easy drinking, summer beer and serve in the clear plastic cups found at games.  If you’d like to add variety, fill a cooler with different beers.  Have plenty of root beer and lemonade on hand for the kids!  Add a few alternatives to beer: try summery baseball-themed drinks like the golden glove, playoff punch, or the sluggers delight.










Take your crowd to the ballgame!  Set up a mock game of baseball.  If your line-up isn’t into playing a long game, have a contest to see who can Baseball bat & glove bat the farthest, or have a pitching contest and compete to see who can pitch the farthest; setting a bucket far out in the yard, have your team players try pitch the ball into it.