These days food trucks are everywhere — delivering tacos, cupcakes, and fancy hot dogs to the masses. Delicious food coming out of trucks has become the norm. We have become so used to them that perhaps some of the excitement in following our favorites has faded. That is until Baba & Pops came around with their delicious handmade pierogi a short while ago. They have quickly grown from another gourmet food truck to selling the food cult favorite, pierogis, in local grocery stores.


Baba & Pops stand Serendipity had the pleasure of meeting the husband and wife duo behind Baba & Pop’s, Katherine and Jeremy, when we catered their wedding in the summer 2013. We have enjoyed following their success and are currently happily sharing our kitchen space with them while Baba & Pop’s pierogi are literally flying off the shelves.


While living in Nashville four years ago, Jeremy was getting burned-out on his position in the music industry. He was a naturally talented cook and decided he wanted to take it to the next level by enrolling in culinary school. When studying, he interned at one of the top restaurants in Nashville and realized almost immediately that while he still loved cooking, working in a restaurant was not for him, so he began to think of other avenues to take his culinary drive.


With persuasion from Jeremy’s dad and brother, Katherine and Jeremy decided that they would give the food truck business a try, selling–what else? Pierogi! Growing up, Jeremy’s Polish-American family served pierogi regularly, and they were especially anticipated on big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily for us, they chose Denver as their home for this adventure. I was able to track Katherine down for a quick Q & A on pierogi and Baba & Pops.


How did you choose the name?

We believe that the name and entire theme of our business is what truly sets us apart. Baba and Pop were Jeremy’s great-grandparents who immigrated from Poland to Canada. If you ask Daryl, Jeremy’s father, he will tell you that Baba made pierogi every single day for her family. To our family, pierogi represent the love that we have for food, family and history. Now we are able to celebrate and share this love each and every day together…. All thanks to our beloved pierogi!

We have always felt that making a business name personal in some sort of way just adds on to your story. Luckily, our customers feel the same way. We decided on Baba & Pop’s Kitchen almost instantly once Jeremy threw the name into the pot, but the name has developed over the past two years. Due to our focus on selling pierogi frozen and packaged, it has recently evolved into Baba & Pop’s Handmade Pierogi.


pierogi Pierogi’s are traditionally filled with meats, potatoes, and cheese. Any unique/fun fillings we may not be familiar with?

Polish pierogi are traditionally filled with potatoes and cheese, and those are the kinds of pierogi that we make. Many of our traditional polish customers will also request cottage cheese and potato, onion and potato, sauerkraut, and sometimes prune.
We will make the traditional flavors, but we like to come up with unique, seasonal and delicious flavors that no one has thought of before. We are always playing around with new flavors.

Some of our most popular and original pierogi flavors are:
Pulled Pork
Roasted Butternut Squash
Aged Gouda
Summer Squash, Cheddar & Potato
Colorado Sweet Corn & Potato (with a spicy kick!)


What is your favorite type of pierogi?

Roasted Butternut Squash for sure! I like to sauté them and top with caramelized onion with a balsamic reduction drizzled on top!


Best meal to have with pierogi’s is….

Any meal that you can think of having potatoes with. Really they are a great and interesting way to replace your potatoes. Kids usually love them and they can be something new and interesting for friends and parties! We love them at Thanksgiving. They are a staple.


We are in the process of brainstorming for a custom “Serendipity Pierogi”, what are some of the ideas that have been tossed around?

They can be great finger food for an appetizer party or excellent as a side dish. We are thinking of anything from a really exceptional take on the traditional potato & cheese (our staple flavor) by using a finer cheese and adding garlic, or a loaded baked potato could be a fun one too.

Katherine & Jeremy We have also thought that we could make something that reminds us of our wedding that Serendipity catered! Maybe a prime rib & horseradish pierogi!


5 words to describe running your own business?

Risky, Exhausting, Personal Growth, Rewarding, a Blessing.


If you were not running Baba & Pop’s what would you be doing?

I would still be an accountant. Jeremy would be… gosh, I have no idea! Jeremy has such an entrepreneurial and creative spirit that I’m sure he would have found something just as cool to start if not a food truck.



Follow the Baba & Pop’s food truck on Facebook! And look for their exceptional pierogi in our local grocery stores. Check back in with their soon-to-come website for out of state shipping.