Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.42.30 PMRecently by a very “serendipitous” (sorry, I had to) chance we met with a dynamic, fun, and informative person, Ginger Johnson.  Ginger is the CEO, founder and owner of Women Enjoying Beer, or WEB, the only company on the planet that focuses on the how and why behind the buy for females who purchase beer, specialty groups, and connoisseurs alike; researching in-depth as to why women make their purchasing decisions. WEB offers an array of customizable services from brand evaluation to high-energy presentations.  Ginger is enthusiastic about all-things culinary, business, and you guessed it, beer!  Here are some thoughts and insights from the Belle of Beer, and what to expect when she teams up with Serendipity.




When did you discover your love of beer?

I like a lot of things; in particular food, beer, and drinks are fascinating to me. I saw the opportunity in a vast market and ran with it.  A few years ago, I was asked on a date with a gentleman and we decided to meet at a local brewpub because it was easy and everyone always had a good time there.  As the date went on, it became apparent that this would be our last date.  To lighten things up, I switched my attention to the topic to the beer we were having and the food.  Quickly the night became a success.  At that point, a light was turned on inside my head and I wondered why more women weren’t enjoying beer.  I looked around and saw as many women, including myself, enjoying beer and it all came together for me.  For six years I’ve studied the beer community, professional and consumer, to learn why more women are not enjoying beer.



Ginger of WEB

Why do you think women are not as well represented as men are in the beer industry?

Beer is cooking.  Both genders make great cooks. There is no reason in most professional kitchens women shouldn’t be there alongside men.  In fact, in most of the non-Westernized world, women are the brewers.  There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what the genders contribute to the beer world, women or men?  To me, it doesn’t matter if a woman or a man is brewing.  What does matter is quality and flavor.  And aside from brewing, there are many women involved in beer through ownership, marketing, administration, and all other facets of the beer business world.  So there are women involved in beer making even if they are not doing the actual brewing.  In my opinion, if we only look at which gender is making the beer, that’s dangerous.  I look at quality, flavors, and the right person – not their gender.



We are thrilled to partner with WEB for team-building events.  Can you give us an idea what these fun and unique events may look like?

There are many engaging topics to present to Serendipity clients looking for something new in for corporate team building events, or social engagements (think: bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding showers, birthdays, summer BBQs).  It’s beyond beer.  It’s all about the experience and memory making. The biggest parts of these events are my enthusiasm and creating unique memories surrounded by delicious carefully selected beers and wonderful sumptuous food catered by Serendipity.  I’m thrilled to be presenting with Serendipity!  Most importantly, our cooperative events will be fun and meaningful. Guests will walk away with many little “nuggets” of information from a totally new, fresh and experiential event.



Beer Flight_01For someone who may not think they like beer, what is a good one to start with?

I always like to start with the question, “Why do you think you don’t think like it?”  Most of the time a negative attitude about beer is based on a bad memory—like a keg party in high school where they got sick.  My answer is almost always, “That’s not the beer’s fault!”  From there I ask, “What flavors to do like?”  From there we get more specific. I am a huge fan of flavors vs. styles.  There’s more than one kind of IPA for a reason– they all have different flavors.  Not every beer within a style will be the same.  We need to take a closer look at flavors.


After a long day your favorite all-time beer to unwind with is….

It depends. It is just as subjective as it is contextual. I love a cold Coors at a ballgame on a sunny afternoon. Or if we go out for a nice dinner and we splurge on a $22 bottle from Prost, that’s appropriate for that time and place. It’s different every time! I never have a favorite one of anything (except my husband), and I encourage go-to beers, rather than a favorite. Above all try new things whenever you can. Enjoy them all, return to the ones you like, move on from the ones you don’t care for – and be a beer diplomat!


Interested in what Serendipity and WEB can do for your group this spring and summer? Send your request for more information to [email protected]