In the peak of summer we celebrate the biggest of warm-weather holidays, the Fourth of July.  The Fourth is the traditional, patriotic, and paramount summer holiday meant to be spent outside, with BBQs firing, kids running in the grass, and adults relaxing into the late summer evening.  Without taking the traditional fun out of The Fourth of July, try one of these unique ideas and make your party dazzle!


Décor That Sparkles

Fourth of July decorations can always seem the same as we all are following the same patriotic color theme, but there a few tricks to make your 4th of July Table extra touches get noticed:


Carve a watermelon–  Think of the watermelon as summer’s pumpkin (it is technically a squash too!)  Carve a festive Happy 4th message, or place carved watermelons around you serving tables indication what is being served such as, snacks, pies, or drinks.

Light the party up!  Find vintage lanterns from a thrift store or garage sales and up-cycle them with red, white and blue paint.  String outdoor lights throughout your yard and hang mini paper lanterns between the lights.  Cover food cans in patriotic craft paper and place tea lights inside.

Use nature as inspiration.  Fill blue water bottles or glasses with red flowers, like peonies, or use the above mentioned decorated cans for blue hydrangeas and red carnations.  Using a large see-through vase, create layers of sliced lemons, strawberries, and blueberries for a witty centerpiece, and place miniature flags on top.


Fourth of July Decorations


The 4th Food

Without straying too far from the all-American foods for the 4th, add more a little more flavor to your menu by adding cheerful touches to the dishes.


The apps: Try non-traditional deviled eggs, kick up chips and dip with  pineapple black bean guacamole, or serve an in-season dip with red-white-and-blue-berry-trifle-recipe-mslo0613-mdnfresh corn and crab. 


Summer Party Appetizers


Main dishes: In addition to cheese burgers, serve   chipotle pork burgers, or one of these  creative hot dog recipes.


Top 12 Fourth of July Menus


Desserts:  Many of summers desserts call for berries, which also happen to be red and blue.  For simple, yet fun desserts, use summer berries to create individual parfaits–use fresh whipped cream for the “white”.  Strawberry shortcake, any flavor of pie, or cobblers.  To keep both kids and adults happy consider a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar, setting out various ice cream flavors and toppings.


Star Spangled Sweets


Festive Drinks

There is nothing like a refreshing cool drink on a hot summers evening.  For The Fourth of July, simply add patriotic and colorful flair to summer beverages.


Non- Alcoholic: Add berry or watermelon purees to lemonade to make them red, garnish with blue umbrellas. Try a tropical approach with a fourth_of_july_cocktailpineapple and mint cooler.  Find a star shaped ice cube mold and fill your punch bowl with non-alcoholic sangria punch.


Cocktails:  Think “red, white, and booze” when creating a your drinks.  Try making a colorful layered drink like this Fourth of July cocktail.  If you do not feel like mixing drinks all evening, simply use food dye in tonic water, one red, leave one clear, and one blue, set out premium vodka and gin, for guests to make their own colorful cocktail!

10 Coolest Summer Cocktails