Here at Serendipity, during the spring and summer, we have graduation parties to cater, weddings to plan, barbeques to smoke, pool parties to cool down, babies to welcome, and brides to celebrate.  For every beaming bride there is a celebration to hold before her big day.  Traditionally, the bride’s friends gather in the afternoon to shower the lucky lady with gifts to prepare her for her new home.  While this idea is still popular, we are starting to see a rise in bridal showers that have a bit more flair than the usual ladies lunch.



Who is in Charge?

Bridal Shower, garden Typically the maid-of-honor is in charge of the bridal shower.  Old school etiquette may frown open a member of the family being the official host (it could appear that the family is pining for more gifts for the newlyweds), but today it is acceptable for a family member to host the party. For casual small gatherings the maid-of-honor could pick up the bill and for more elaborate soirees it is appropriate for her to ask members of the wedding party to pitch in.  All the bridesmaids are always welcome to help with decorations, themes, and setting up.





Often bridal showers are held at a home, which is always casual and fun.  In order to keep the showers more memorable, have a Bowling Alley theme.  Think of things the bride-to-be is passionate about, for instance, if she loves food and wine, have a chef come for a group class and pair the foods with her favorite wines, or if she likes to travel, have an around the world theme, play worldly music and serve international foods, if she is a health nut, hire a yoga instructor to come teach the group a class, afterwards serve light, healthy spa-like foods.

These days we are seeing many newlyweds choose to have unisex showers, or Jack and Jill showers.  For a shower to please both sexes, having a home BBQ is an ideal theme for these showers, also thinking outside the box, couples are looking at venues like bowling alleys, and renting out sports bars.  Jack and Jill showers tend to be more about celebrating the couple then gift giving.

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Bridal Themes and Favor Ideas

What to Do?

Brides Maids, Champagne Bridal showers are often spent highlighting the bride, or couple, with guests sharing funny stories, asking questions about the Big Day, and, of course opening gifts.  Many shower hosts are looking for fun games to make take the attention away from the party being just about the presents.  (Let’s be honest, watching the same person open gift after gift they have already registered for can get a little boring!)  Games are a great way to break this monotony up.  For example, make up ten questions about the bride and groom to read out loud, ask the guests to write down the answers, whoever gets the most right answers wins; give out gifts such as a bottle of wine or a potted plants.  Another fun game to get everyone involved (and some embarrassed!) is to go around the room and have each guest tell two quick stories about the bride or groom. One of the stories will be true and the other false, the crowd guesses, which one is true, and it always ends with lots of laughs.

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