Composting is the natural process of taking organic waste and creating conditions that allow bacteria and fungi to cause the waste to decompose. The end result is a rich organic fertilizer.

Our Sustainable Waste Management

While we have coordinated event-level composting services for our clients on several occasions, Consequently, Serendipity is now implementing the technology of composting in our commercial kitchen by diverting vegetable and fruit skins from the landfill. These organic materials will turn into compost with our very own equipment.  The resulting fertilizer will be transported to a small acreage farm 30 miles south of Denver. The compost will be used to help grow vegetables on the farm. As a result, those vegetables will then end up in Serendipity’s kitchen!

Diverting compostable material from Colorado landfills isn’t new. Actually, some Colorado neighborhoods offer residential pick-up of compostable materials. On a commercial level, companies like Waste Farmers serve restaurants, schools, hotels and other various commercial facilities. In fact, Serendipity occasionally works with Waste Farmers.

Waste Farmers processes all food scraps:

  • coffee grounds and filters
  • tea bags
  • meat
  • bones
  • fish
  • dairy products
  • baked goods.

Furthur more, the company accepts food-soiled paper, paper plates and cups, waxed cardboard food and beverage boxes and saw dust.

Green = Success

Composting is another commitment by Serendipity to take the lead in green catering practices.

Serendipity will be the first catering company in Denver to be awarded certification by the city’s Denver Pollution Prevention Partners. Members from the mayor’s office will dine at Serendipity Sept. 28 and present the certification. A recognition of Serendipity’s leadership role is sustainable waste management.

The primary goals of the Denver P2 Partners are to increase participation and adoption of sustainable practices to minimize the use of hazardous materials, improve energy efficiency and water conservation, and decrease the use of resources and generation of waste, according to the city website.

Serendipity’s new composting program exceeds the waste-reduction requirements of the city certification program. This is the next step in the company’s commitment to being environmentally friendly.

If you would like for your next event to be 100 percent compostable, talk with your Serendipity event coordinator about all the options available.