After the Fourth of July many of us scramble to fit the rest of summer in. With school dates quickly approaching and fall not far behind it, we are all for celebrating summer while it is here! Seven ideas on how to celebrate while we still have summer:



Stay outside! Keep parties any time of the day outside. Cool summer mornings are perfect for brunch, hot afternoons are ideal for fresh salads and sandwiches (perhaps with a few water games), and the slight chill of a summer evening is great for cocktails and late summer bites with friends.



Let the foods of the season inspire. Look to local farmers markets to see what is in season locally. Late Colorado summers bring the best peaches, cherries, chard, eggplant, lettuces, summer squash and heirloom tomatoes.


Keep the foods of summer to freeze/pickle. Spend an afternoon savoring the summer by making jams, pickling, or freezing fresh summer foods to bust out when the weather turns frightful.



Take a hike! And bring a picnic.



Think theme! A sweet summer theme is a fun way to incorperate summer vibes from across the world: a retro beachy theme, tiki party, Texas BBQ, or French countryside.


Unplug. Avoid using your oven or stove. Compose fresh summer salads, grill light summer meats, slice berries for garnish or a simple sweet side, or enjoy a no-bake summer dessert. Your oven will thank you for the break come Thanksgiving.



Cheers! Close out summer with refreshing beverages that seem to make the most sense in the summer: minty mojitos, pina coladas, watermelon margaritas, and Aperol Spritzes all go down much easier in the summer.


Take a load off. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!